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The new EdenPURE 5 Area Model Air Purifier is among the best and most advanced air purifiers on the market. The air purification technology in the EdenPURE 5 Air Purifier is used by the federal government and our U.S. Navy to purify air in the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station and our nuclear powered submarines.
EdenPURE 5 Air Purifier | air purifiers

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  • EdenPURE 5 Air Purifier | air purifiers
The new EdenPURE 5 Area Model Air Purifier is super quiet and does not require constant and expensive filter replacement.

Unlike typical air purifiers, which only have 1 or 2 stages for eliminating pollution, the EdenPURE 5 Air Purifier has 5 stages to attack air pollution.

The EdenPURE 5 Sterilizes the indoor air through 5 stages:
  • Stage 1: Plasma technology – dissolves lung-damaging contaminants from the air
  • Stage 2: UV/TiO₂ – the photo catalyst system sterilizes the air
  • Stage 3: Pre-filter – captures large particulates as they pass through the air purifier
  • Stage 4: Activated Catalyst Pad – automatically absorbs smoke and odors and kills viruses and bacteria
  • Stage 5: HEPA/Carbon filter – captures 99.97% of all pollen and lung damaging particulates.
The EdenPURE 5 air purification system weighs only 6.75 pounds and purifies the air in a room up to 300 square feet. This revolutionary small air purifier measures 12” H x 15” W x 4-1/2” D and includes a remote control for convenience and ease of use.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that volatile organic compounds(VOCs) are emitted as gases from thousands of products in your home, such as paints, cleaners, and even furniture. VOCs are consistently higher indoors and may have short and long term adverse effects to humans and pets.

Help safeguard your home, family, pets and visitors when you purify the air with an energy efficient air purifier, like the EdenPURE 5.

The regular price of the EdenPURE 5 Area Model Air Purifier is $302 plus $12 Shipping and Handling. Save $75 and receive FREE Shipping and Handling when you purchase the best small air purifier from edenpure.com and pay only $227 delivered!

This product carries a 60-day unconditional, no-risk guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied, your purchase price will be refunded. There is also a one year warranty on parts and labor.

Regrettably, we are unable to honor refund requests after 60 days.
The EdenPURE® 5 Area Model Air Purifier uses the air purification technology that is used by the federal government and our U.S. Navy to purify air in the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station and our nuclear powered submarines.

The EdenPURE 5 Air Purifier:
  • Introduces extra oxygen into the air and puts healthy negative ions into the air
  • Sterilizes the air
  • Captures large particulates found in the air
  • Absorbs smoke and odors
  • Kills viruses and bacteria
  • Captures 99.97% of all pollen and lung-damaging particulates
  • No expensive filters to replace; includes an easy-to-clean filter
Testimonies of a few of the thousands of satisfied EdenPURE® customers

I've purchased 5 of your EdenPURE air purifiers.

I'm delighted with mine, the others I have given to our 3 daughters. I've set my EdenPURE on top of the refrigerator and I'm impressed with the quietness when it's on.

It has caused me to sleep better at night. Also, I know it has helped my sinus condition. It removes every and all room odors - that part I truly love.

I love it!! I have never owned a room air purifier before. This EdenPURE is great!!

Sincerely, Mrs. Pluma Litherland

Before using your EdenPURE air purifier, I was getting up several times in the night with my air passages clogged up as I am suffering with asthma.

EdenPURE has helped me breathe better and with less medication, with their undesirable side effects.

The whole house smells clean and fresh, even the neighbors noticed. We have a lot of sand dust living at the beach on a peninsula between the ocean and the bay near Eureka, California in Humboldt Bay.

Even my dog is happier because I feel like playing with her more.

Thank you, Marta F. Tennant

I have spent years searching for an air filter system, air cleaner, air freshener or clean air device for our home. Four months ago an advertisement for the EdenPURE Air Purifier caught my eye and a purchase was made. Shortly thereafter, our EdenPURE Air Purifier arrived and, within minutes of operation, we were most pleasantly surprised by the fresh, clean, yet unusual aroma which permeated our home. Sneezing, the result of allergies, dust and pollen, has stopped and kitchen pollutants and odors, even from strong spices, have disappeared. The EdenPURE is operated constantly and the freshness it provides continues to amaze us as well as family and friends who visit our home.

We have been so pleased by the performance of the EdenPURE Air Purifier that we purchased one for each of our three children and their families. Additionally, two more were purchased for family friends at their request.

Thank you for your innovative and most effective air purifying system.

Respectfully, Arnold Garverick

I have been enjoying the benefits of EdenPURE for approximately two months. It's wonderful. Our home has a damp basement - we have a problem with mildew! The EdenPURE has improved the air in our living area as well as our bedrooms. When we would enter our home you would smell a musty odor. That is a thing of the past since we have been using EdenPURE. Also, cooking and smoking and other household odors have been eliminated. We were impressed how quickly EdenPURE refreshed our home air. Thank you for a great product. I have tried several similar products - only EdenPURE has been satisfactory.

James Heskins

I suffer from extremely dry eyes, and thought maybe the EdenPURE Air Purifier would help. It has been wonderful! I can breathe better and don't sneeze nearly as often. My eyes don't itch and feel as though there is dirt in them. Also, I don't dust as often (the television screen does not accumulate dust hardly at all). I have bought two additional purifiers for family members who are anxious to have their homes cleaner.

Dorothy Morvery

My name is John Ravenscroft. I received my EdenPURE Air Purifier in July of this year. The first thing I noticed was that it took the smell of home permanent out of the house in a couple of hours. It took a week before. It works well with fish odors also. One of the best buys I have made this year.

A Happy Customer, John Ravenscroft

The EdenPURE Air Purifier keeps our cat's litter box fresh as a daisy.

David Genereaux

The EdenPURE has reduced the dust and animal dander in the air of our home. I noticed this because, before, I cleaned the blades of our ceiling fan one day and several days later I had to clean it again. I do not anymore. It reduces odors and leaves rooms smelling fresh. We enjoy eating fish. With the EdenPURE, our house no longer has that lingering fish smell. We also have two ferrets. Ferrets have a very distinct odor. The EdenPURE is the only thing that has ever taken the odor of the ferrets away from the room where they live. I love the fresh smell of the air throughout our home.

Thank you, Chris Mckenna

We have had our EdenPURE Air Purifier for about two months. After the first week I noticed that the house had a really clean smell. It didn't smell bad before but we have two cats, a dog and two litter boxes so we really had to work at keeping bad odors away. Now it just smells nice all the time. I have allergies and my eyes used to burn, itch and cry quite often. That hasn't happened since we purchased the first unit. We have a pretty big house so when we saw how well it worked we purchased a second unit. I would highly recommend this unit especially for people with allergies.

Judy A. Taylor

All the testimonials are by actual EdenPURE® customers who volunteered their stories, and were given another EdenPURE® Air Purifier as thanks for their participation.
A brief interview with the Director of Product Development for BioTech Research, John Lindensmith...

Q. Why is the new EdenPURE® air purifier so much better than typical air purifiers which have only 1 or 2 mechanisms?

A. The EdenPURE utilizes 5 advanced air purification mechanisms. I call it the EdenPURE process.

Q. How does the EdenPURE help eliminate pollution in the air?

A. The EdenPURE has 5 electronic mechanisms that automatically attack pollution and mimic the way it is done by nature. Like standing next to an outdoor waterfall, the Plasma setting replicates nature's fresh air elements. These negative ions, which are plentiful outside, now work in your home as air "vitamins" and drop lung-damaging particulates to the floor. At the same time, our UV/TiO₂ produces super electrons which seek out and bond with Volatile Organic Compounds. These VOCs are harmful pollutants like ammonia and formaldeyhyde. With the EdenPURE® 5 Air Purifier, these dangerous VOCs are simply changed into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

The indoor pollution cannot hide as mechanisms seek out and destroy pollution like guided missiles.

Q. What is the range of pollutants that the EdenPURE takes out of the air?

A. It removes nearly all airborne organic and inorganic pollutants. Organic pollutants removed by the EdenPURE include: fungus, mold, bacteria, tobacco odor, pet odors and most other household odors. It can also kill viruses.

The EdenPURE helps remove inorganic pollutants including dust and many other chemical compounds present in the home too numerous to mention here.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that there is 5 times more air pollution in a house than there is in the open air outside the house. Everyday you breathe these pollutants into your lungs and many go into your body.

Q. How well does the EdenPURE work on eliminating odors?

A. The EdenPURE will work to eliminate all odors. It eliminates odors from cigarette smoke, urine, mildew, cooking odors, and any other odors in your home. The EdenPURE odor elimination is so powerful that it will eliminate the odor of a skunk in minutes.

Q. What are the health benefits to the EdenPURE?

A. There are many. The EdenPURE will help relieve the symptoms associated with allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. It also introduces extra oxygen into the air and puts healthy negative ions into the air.

Therefore, you will tend to sleep better at night. As a result, you will be much more alert and experience less fatigue when you are awake.

The EdenPURE works to eliminate toxins so that they do not get into your body. Therefore you will look better, feel better and live healthier. You will now have energy and be more mentally alert. The EdenPURE can change the mood of everyone in your home for the better.