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EdenPURE® Quartz Infrared Portable Space Heater Reviews - Thousands Trust EdenPURE®

Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why!

“We live in an area which is known for very cold winters. Our facility is nearly 7000 square feet in area. When we began to utilize the first unit we were amazed to see how even the heat was for the entire living room area. We ordered a second and a third unit which now warms the entire home. Much to our surprise we are saving over $250 a month and had the lowest expense for heating we have ever experienced here. I would heartily recommend your products to anybody who is interested in really nice, even heat in their home and also interested in saving on their utility expenses.”
Dennis Crystal
Troy, MT (Retired Airline Pilot)

“Enclosed you will find printouts of our electric bill and gas/heating/cooking bills ... Our gas company, AmeriGas, stated that more money was saved than would show up because of the cost going up. We would turn the gas on early in the morning and turn it down to 60 degrees; We would use the EdenPURE heaters from then on and they provided such warmth and cozy heat. We, also, had fewer colds last winter than in previous years, before we purchased the EdenPURE heaters. Many of our friends have informed me recently that they are going to purchase these heaters for their homes this winter.”
Gloria D. Smith,
Boydton, VA (Retired Elementary Principal)

“Thanks again for your Sunshine in a Box! Your GEN4 heater is the best! Keeps us warm even in these temps.”
North Pole Alaska

“Actually, I bought my first two EdenPURE heaters because I was looking for a way to save my father and his sister, my aunt, money because they heat with oil. And as you well know, oil prices are going through the roof. But getting the EdenPURE it saved well over $100 a month on oil even though the electric bill went up $60, it still saved me over $100. Anywhere from $410 to probably $135 a month on oil. The fact that this heater since we’ve gotten it, there is no cold spots, hot spots in this house.”
Thomas Silvia,
Fall River, MA

“When I received the heaters my heating cost was way out of line from what we as a family could afford. And I immediately started using both the heaters. One in my kitchen area and one my den area, and my savings averaged about $175 to $200 a month each month during the winter.

This year which we’ve had a harder winter this year than we’ve had in the past probably 12-15 years here in south Georgia. I have experienced with the heater using two heaters during the months of December, January and up until this point in February, just about 24 hours a day in some cases to help to subsidize the heating on our furnace, I’ve been able to pretty well monitor my electric bill and it’s averaged by using these heaters, it’s averaged less than about $2 a day per heater which means I’ve ran up about $65 or $70 a month more in electric. But in turn, I have reduced my propane and am saving $175 to $200 a month in propane savings, and I’ll be glad to give you the $75 if you’ll give me the $200.

I have bought six heaters. Overall in helping other people over the last four years, because immediately after I realized such a savings, monetary wise, I began to approach people on the street, at stores, in hospitals, my own families and trying to encourage them to buy the EdenPURE because it was saving me so much money, and I knew that everyone needed some help. Even three or four years ago. And I probably have sold 65 or 70 heaters or more throughout the country. Some to California, some to Texas, some to Arkansas, some to Florida, and a whole lot of heaters here locally around our neighborhood here in Georgia.”
Jim and Ruby Haney,
Stockbridge, GA

“I’m a fire fighter, and I’ve been to fires that were caused by space heaters, and I know that they can cause a lot of damage and cause burns to especially children that get close to them. You know from wood stoves or any of these furnaces that run hot, and children get close to them and end up getting burned or they put things closer to them and cause fire in that way. So this is the reason why I considered the EdenPURE and why I trust my children around it. They go around it and you have no problems.”
John Noonan (Fire Fighter)

“Our other heaters, that were replaced by the two EdenPURE portable masterpieces had a safety guard in front of the coils, however, the protective dome like shield is metal, is heat conductive and is extremely hot to the touch, this posed problems to animals getting to close and required constant monitoring. The EdenPURE portable heater totally eliminated this difficult situation and provides the most wonderful source of evenly distributed heat imaginable!!! I've been searching for 31 years to find the best heater possible for our animals--and I finally did!!”
Jaqueline Delta,
Tourniquet Inc. Whitestone, NY

“Despite the variation in temperatures that we experienced this past winter and now even into spring we have found and are finding that the EdenPURE heater is doing an even better job then we had anticipated it would do in keeping the temperature even and comfortable for the cats in our rather modest-sized phase I building. When funding is available, we hope to purchase a second heater that, due to the design of the building, will help us to provide even better conditions as our program expands. The EdenPURE quartz infrared heater that we put into the shelter, moves easily at our touch, but was not at all a problem given the cat's activity. On the contrary, they enjoy using it as a favorite perch for that corner of the cabin and never has there been any hint of the surface of the heater being warmed. The built-in blower assures that the heat is disbursed around the cabin and, on warmer days, when the actual heat is seldom needed, it continues to keep air-flow moving comfortably. Happily and ironically, the size of the heater and its design allow that the initial heat expelled is just above the cat's heads, allowing that they are kept warmer than other heaters might provide; too, in the location that we chose for it, the water in their bowls did not freeze as it sometimes did on a very cold floor on the coldest of days before we put in the EdenPURE! We would easily recommend an EdenPURE quart infrared heater to anyone thinking of enhancing their personal or pet-related heating eqipment and, once more, we thank you so very much for the opportunity to use and enjoy this wonderful addition to our shelter.”
Lauren McBride & John McBride, Ouabache Valley Felines and Friends, Inc.
Terre Haute, IN