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EdenPURE Portable Space Heaters

Portable Electric Heaters

EdenPURE's Infrared Heaters are great for implementing zone heating in your home. With zone heating you only heat the rooms you use while your whole house furnace is kept at a lower temperature. If you need to heat a space such as a bedroom, office, or family room, the EdenPURE GEN21 creates the perfect air flow by pulling the cool air in from the bottom and forcing the warm, deep-penetrating infrared heat across the middle of the room where it's needed the most.

Need a heater for outside on the porch or patio during cooler evenings? The EdenPURE All Season Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater is lightweight, portable, waterproof and weatherproof. With different options and sizes to choose from, you're sure to find the best portable heater for every room in your home.

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EdenPURE portable electric heaters are the last space heaters you'll buy. Shop our large selection of safe, portable infrared heaters. We have a solution for every room in your house, indoors and outdoors. Shop now.

personal heater remoteHeater Accessories
Shop our selection of heater accessories created to increase the lifetime and performance of your EdenPURE portable heaters. From heater covers to anti-microbial filters, we have a heater accessory for you infrared quartz heater from EdenPURE.