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EdenPURE® EnergyMizer Reviews - Thousands Trust EdenPURE®

Here are just a few reasons why!

“I have to say that I was skeptical at first that I would save any “real” money with the EnergyMizer®. I have a small two bedroom apartment right around 800 square feet and an average energy bill of around $80 per month. The cost of the EnergyMizer just didn’t seem to me, at the time, to outweigh itself with what I assumed I might save.

The first time I plugged the system in was around the end of a billing cycle. That following month just after the cycle, was ten dollars less than the month before; and I didn’t think much of the difference of $10 because at that time I didn’t realize how late in that month it was plugged in. I’m writing this letter after having the EnergyMizer now for five full months and my average is $30 per month and has not waivered one bit. I would highly recommend the EnergyMizer to anyone who may feel as I did, that their bill isn’t that high to really give this system a thought. My energy bills as they are today have paid for the cost of the unit and then some. I am very satisfied with my results after plugging in the EnergyMizer and will never go without them.”

Darryl W.
Escondido, CA

“I purchased the Residential EnergyMizer System about 13 months ago and have been extremely impressed with the savings my family has seen over the last year. The average savings surpassed your written guarantee, averaging between the 10%-15% savings monthly. What is really impressive is the reduction of Kwh. I have seen as high as 500 Kwh reduction.

The knowledge that my family is living in a healthier environment is something you cannot put a price on. I have done my research on EMFs and the harmful effects to our health. I purchased the Ecotech Monitor as well just to see what our home was reading for the EMF count. One area registered as high as 550 EMFs. Once the EnergyMizer was plugged in and turned on, the EMF count went down to 22. Having a safer home is so important to me that I have also purchased EnergyMizers for my two older daughters and their families. They too are seeing significant savings.

Appreciation goes out to you and your staff for this energy saving piece of equipment. I respect that you have worked diligently to make the EnergyMizer affordable to everyone. This unit should be in every home!”

Jane H.
Gainesville, FL

“I have been using your residential EnergyMizer for some time now. It is apparent that since I installed it, my electric bills have gone down by quite a bit more than the guaranteed 8%. Very pleased. Recommend it to everyone with an electric bill.”

Richard B.
Waxahachie, TX

“I did a small bench test today on the residential EnergyMizer. When applying the EnergyMizer, it reduced the current by 29% and held steady. This was done simply by plugging in the EnergyMizer into same receptacle as a drill press. I then checked amperage with unit off and again with unit on. You know how curious us electricians can be. Great first experience results.”

Mike V. Devine, TX