Save Money With The Most
Compact and Powerful Heater/Cooler

“I’m in a chilly office at work and this GEN21 heater is the answer to prayer. Quiet, efficient and effective, my office is now toasty and comfortable. Love it!” – Mike Gallagher


Features you’ll love

Save Money

Reduce your heating and cooling bills

Space Saving

Takes up only 1 square foot floor space

Zone Heating & Cooling

Heats AND Cools up to 1,000 square feet

Super portable, weights only 14 lbs.

Great for bedrooms, family rooms and dens

Safe around children and pets

How it works

1. Electricity ignites powerful solid state infrared heating elements.

2. The solid state infrared heating elements gently warm the patented copper.

3. The soft heat is radiated and "rides" the humidity in the room and provides even, moist, soft heat, ceiling to floor and wall to wall, without reducing oxygen and humidity.

4. Front air intake allows it to fit tight against the wall.


I am ready to Never Be Cold Again

Take action and learn more about how the GEN21 heater NOW!


EdenPURE GEN21 heater and Mike Gallagher

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