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The Original EdenPURE Portable Heater

Welcome to the official home of the original EdenPURE Portable Heater. You've probably seen or heard about the remarkable EdenPURE Heater, advertised across the nation and recommended by Richard Karn. And now the advanced quartz infrared portable heater that can help cut your heating bills is new and improved.

Engineered and designed in the USA, the new EdenPURE GEN4 uses specially designed SYLVANIA Quartz bulbs as a heat source, along with our new EdenFLOW™ Direct Air technology, for even more efficient and even heat distribution.

For those of you challenged with a smaller area to heat, our EdenPURE Personal Heater fits the bill comfortably, heating a more intimate space. Now 30% more efficient than past models, the Personal Heater heats an area up to 500 square feet! And new to the EdenPURE product line is the EdenPURE 750. Proudly made in North Canton, OH, the Model 750 portable heater allows you to implement zone heating and target an area of up 750 square feet.

Also, our EdenPURE Signature Edition combines heat with air purification and a humidifier for the latest in home heating technology.

Keep in mind that there are many heating alternatives on the market for consumers to select, such as space heaters, so-called "Amish" heaters, kerosene heaters, coil heaters and many more. You must decide if EdenPURE's new line of infrared heaters is what is right for you in keeping your loved ones warm and safe while cutting your heating bills this season.

Select the EdenPURE Infrared Portable Quartz Heater - make sure you accept no imitations! Be sure to visit the EdenPURE® Customer Reviews page to read customer reviews and ratings on our EdenPURE portable heaters.

Cut heating costs. EdenPURE® uses less energy than many conventional heat sources.

Save money on energy bills every month. Instead of wasting energy to heat unoccupied or unused space, the EdenPURE quartz infrared heater only heats where and when you want it to. Turn off or lower your gas, propane, electric or oil-burning furnace to implement EdenPURE zone heating and start saving money right away.

With improved air flow technology known as "EdenFLOW™ Direct Air", we were able to amplify heating performance to even greater levels of heating efficiency.

You’ve probably heard this: The U.S. Department of Energy says, “You can save around 10% a year on your heating and cooling bills by simply turning your thermostat back 10%-15% after 8 hours….”1 For active, healthy adults, keeping the house that cool is merely inconvenient and uncomfortable. However, for elderly homeowners, infants and young children, or adults with chronic health conditions, turning the temperature down to a chilly 50° may not only be uncomfortable, it may be unhealthy.

According to an AARP Public Policy Institute publication, expensive home heating bills pose a “serious and increasing threat to the health and well-being of a growing number of older people….”2 Living in a cold house to save on heating bills can jeopardize health and lower your resistance to colds and infections. Poor circulation, some medications, and conditions like diabetes can make it feel even colder than it is.

Because an EdenPURE infrared heater is portable, you are able to keep your house at 50° and still be warm and cozy anywhere in your home. Plus, because it doesn’t reduce humidity and dehydrate your sinuses, throat, eyes or skin, EdenPURE portable quartz heaters can help you stay healthy and feel better.

1 Affordable Home Energy and Health: Making the Connections, Lynne Page Snyder, PhD, MPH, National Energy Assistance Director’s Association, et. Al, AARP Public Policy Institute, June 2010
2 Energy Savers Booklet, Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home, Produced for the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, December 2011


Fire and safety professional Captain Mike Hornby ranks EdenPURE #1 for safety and reliability. The EdenPURE® has no exposed heating elements that can cause a fire.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that more than 21,800 residential fires every year are associated with the use of space heaters, causing more than 300 deaths. And over 1,000 people receive hospital emergency room care for burns associated with contacting hot surfaces of room heaters.3

An EdenPURE can reduce the risk of carbon monoxide or other poisonous gasses from entering your home; Non-combustion heating does not create toxic gas.

EdenPURE portable infrared heaters preserve oxygen and humidity by not drying out indoor air. Dry air dehydrates skin and sinuses. Your eyes get dry and your throat gets raspy. Worse yet, dry air increases susceptibility to airborne infections.

This cannot be over emphasized. The EdenPURE® Infrared Portable Heater cabinet does not get hot and has no exposed heating elements that can cause a fire!

Non-combustion heating means:
• No pilot light
• No explosive gas
• No soot
• No ash

3 2006-2008 Residential Fire Loss Estimates, David Miller and Risana Chowdhury, Division of Hazard Analysis, US. Consumer Product Safety Commission, July 2011

"Manufacturing Innovative Products For Better Living."

EdenPURE® Portable Heaters are now proudly made in North Canton, OH.

SMI is a brand new manufacturing and assembly facility located in North Canton, Ohio, in the location originally created for the now departed Hoover Company.

SMI is partnering with Patriot Enterprises LLC and LT Enterprises LLC to manufacture our popular EdenPURE® Portable Infrared Heating line. EdenPURE, the best-selling portable heating system in North America, will bring over 300 jobs to the local community when running at full capacity.

SMI is proud to provide much needed jobs to the local economy and plans to increase the manufacturing and assembly capabilities of the North Canton location in the future.

Our mission is to provide quality, economical products and services that fulfill our customers’ varied and changing needs. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction through an uncompromising commitment to excellence.