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The Science Behind EdenPURE® Infrared Portable Space Heaters

eden pure space heater bulbs

Infrared Bulbs (The breakthrough in infrared heating)

  • EdenPURE infrared elements create heat using patented copper heat exchangers.
  • Safe with no carbon monoxide or harmful radiation and no exposed heating elements.
  • Effectively heats the objects in a room without wasting heat on the ceiling, resulting in an even, comfortable heat.

portable space heaters

PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient)

  • Low Maintenance Cost – element has 80,000+ hour life expectancy.
  • Low Air Resistance – airflow moves right through the element.
  • Quick Heating – typically faster than bulbs.
  • Uniform Heat – produces even heat across the entire element.
  • Self-Regulating – Doesn’t overheat (element activates in stages – doesn’t blow fuses).
  • Durability – rarely needs serviced or replaced.

edenpure space heaters

Copper PTC

  • All the benefits of traditional PTC elements with additional, natural copper benefits.
  • Heat transfers quicker from the element to the air, thereby heating the room faster.
  • Increased heat transfer enables a reduction in the cool down time from 3 minutes at a high fan speed to 1 minute at the extremely quiet, low fan speed.
  • The element via the proprietary EdenTECH programming creates energy-efficient heat production and an accurately maintained temperature – set by the customer.

SYLVANIA Infrared bulbs


Copper is efficient – nothing transfers heat to air faster.

Copper is safe

  • It’s not harmful to people or to the environment.
  • It’s antimicrobial properties are natural. It has no chemicals added to it.
Copper is durable
  • It’s efficiency is not impared by natural tarnishing, unlike other materials.
  • It remains effective even after abrasion and contamination.
Copper fights bacteria
  • It’s proven to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.
  • It’s the only solit anti-microbial touch surface approved by the EPA.
No other infrared heater contains as much copper as EdenPURE. (Most contain none at all)