EdenPURE® has announced an advanced device that relieves pain without drugs. It also helps heal the source of the pain.

This product is called the EdenPURE® PainRX. It is a remarkable high tech pad that provides pain relief and healing therapy anywhere on your body. It works for humans and pets and it is an FDA-registered medical device.

The EdenPURE® Pain­RX has many uses for medical problems. It is great for pain relief and healing the cause of the pain.

If you have arthritis pain, joint pain, neck pain, back pain or muscle pain, read this.

You are probably using drugs which do provide temporary pain relief. But your drugs are costing you a lot of money, and drugs usually have bad side effects. You have to buy these drugs endlessly because they do not heal the cause of the pain.

Now picture this.

You get your Eden­PURE® PainRX and plug in the electrical cord. You place the soft pad over the area of your pain. You feel a warm and comforting sensation. Within minutes, your pain starts to decline. In about 30 minutes, your pain is gone. Depending on your type of pain, this pain relief lasts for many hours.

But, now, unlike with drugs, you have also just had a therapy session that can help heal the source of the pain. Here is why that happened.

The high tech Eden­PURE® PainRX produces far infrared waves, which have many benefits for humans as documented in numerous medical clinical studies. One of these benefits is this. These waves penetrate deep, through your skin and muscle, all the way to bones and joints.

These far infrared waves warm all these body parts. In response, your body expands the blood vessels in that area to maintain normal temperature. This carries away inflammation and toxins. It then brings in fresh blood with much needed nutrition.

Healing is possible with many sources of pain. With other sources of pain, partial healing is possible. And, clinical studies show that the EdenPURE® PainRX greatly speeds up healing from injuries and surgery.

Not only do pain drugs not help with healing the pain sources, but they can make matters worse with the bad side effects. And, many pain drugs are addictive.

The EdenPURE® PainRX has good side effects. It promotes better health. It is not addictive. You can use it as much as you want. The more you use it, the more health benefits you get. It is pleasant to use and provides great comfort while you are using it.

The EdenPURE® PainRX is also great for pets. It helps older dogs who have arthritis and other problems which cause pain.

Do not use the EdenPURE® PainRX in case of: pregnancy, adrenal suppression and hemophilia.

The EdenPURE® PainRX also provides quick temporary pain relief for many other sources of pain including migraine headaches and sore muscles.

It is estimated that the average person in the USA can save $500.00 to well over $1,500.00 a year by not having to buy pain relief drugs. Therefore, your EdenPURE® PainRX will pay for itself quickly, then start putting $500.00 to over $1,500.00 extra cash in your pocket every year thereafter. It does not cost, it pays.

The regular price of the EdenPURE® PainRX is $399.00 plus $32.00 shipping and handling for a total of $431.00 delivered. Today, you have been authorized to get a $175.00 rebate on the EdenPURE® PainRX, and free shipping and handling. Your price is only $224 delivered. There is a strict limit of 2 at this discount price - no exceptions please.

  • To claim the EdenPURE® PainRX call 1-800-965-2320 and give the operator your rebate code ECL6645 or

  • To claim the EdenPURE® PainRX online


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