EdenPURE® has introduced the first affordable water filtration vacuum cleaner. As you probably know, water filtration vacuum cleaners sell for over $2,500.00.

The new, high-tech EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN performs much better than these old, expensive water filtration vacuum cleaners. It is super powerful and super portable. It weighs only 10 lbs. so you can easily take it anywhere.

Your old-style vacuum cleaner or sweeper can make you sick. They spew dust and toxic pollution into the air. Therefore, while you are cleaning, you and your family will breathe in much more polluted air. This polluted air usually contains many toxic elements such as germs, mold and dust mite and other insect feces. These old-style machines are heavy and most of them require bag replacement. The ones that are bagless also have problems. They claim they do not reduce suction, but they do reduce vacuum as dirt builds up. Vacuum is what cleans, not suction.

The EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN uses nature’s water to filter out dirt and toxic particles. It requires no bag to replace. You simply put in 2 qts. of water and you can clean your whole house. No dust or toxic particles can escape. It also purifies the air as you clean. Then you simply dump the 2 qts. of water that contains the dirt and toxic particles into the toilet and flush it away.

The EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN never loses vacuum power. Therefore, it cleans much better than old-style vacuum cleaners and sweepers. It also cleans much faster because you need less passes over an area to clean it.

The EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN comes with a very long hose and a hose extension totaling 18 ft. of hose. Therefore you can put it in the middle of a large room and clean the whole room without moving the vacuum cleaner. It’s like having a central vacuum cleaner. The long hose also allows you to clean staircases without moving the vacuum cleaner. It is so light, you can easily take it upstairs or anywhere with very little effort.

The EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN also has many other uses. You can use it for cleaning wet dust or liquid, as a blower and as a sprayer.

The EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN will pay for itself many times over by not having to buy vacuum or sweeper bags and it will save you money on healthcare by not contracting illness from the toxins put into the air by old-style vacuums and sweepers.

The EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN sells for a fraction of the cost of other water filtration vacuum cleaners.

The regular price of the EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN is $597.00 plus $32.00 shipping and handling for a total of $629.00. Today, you have been authorized to get a $200.00 rebate on the EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN, and free shipping and handling. Your price is only $397 delivered. There is a strict limit of 2 at this discount price - no exceptions please.

  • To claim the EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN call 1-800-323-1874 and give the operator your rebate code ECL6647 or

  • To claim the EdenPURE® AquaCLEAN online



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