Your laundry detergent is doing great harm to you and the environment. Besides the price you pay for it, it is also costing you a lot of money every year that you don’t know about.

A device that has been used by hospitals for over 15 years to wash clothes without laundry detergent is now available for homes. It will pay for itself in 8 weeks.

This breakthrough device is the EdenPURE® EcoWasher®. It washes clothes much better than laundry detergent. It will not harm you or the environment. In fact, it will benefit you and the environment. It can save you over $1,200.00 a year in laundry detergent costs and other extra expenses you incur unknowingly because of laundry detergent. Therefore it will pay for itself many times over.

You are probably unaware of the harm your laundry detergent causes to you and the environment and the major extra expense that it causes every year. Here are the facts.

Laundry detergents are not soap. They are inorganic petrochemicals that are toxic and do not break down after they are flushed away, unlike soap which is an organic substance. These petrochemicals create toxic fumes while you are washing clothes. They stay in your clothes and build up more and more of a residue as time goes on. These chemicals get on your skin and then get into your bloodstream through your skin. They can cause major irritations to your skin and major health problems to your entire body. This is why hospitals do not use laundry detergents.

These petrochemicals do not break down when they go into the sewer systems and are not removed by typical sewage processing plants. Therefore they get into the nation’s waterways and lakes. They then do great harm to wildlife and can get into drinking water supplies. The empty containers overburden landfills.

Laundry detergents do not kill bacteria or viruses. This is another reason hospitals do not use laundry detergents. These germs remain in your clothes and can cause more serious health problems. One of the germs that builds up in your clothes when you wash them with laundry detergent is e. coli. This e. coli comes from human feces. It builds up in your clothes, linens and towels. You then end up washing your face and body with e. coli and other bacteria from human feces.

The harmful effects of laundry detergent also cause you a great deal of little-known extra expense every year. Laundry detergent builds up in your washer behind the drum where you don’t see it. It builds up to an inch of slimy goo in many cases, which breeds germs and damages your washer. It greatly cuts the life of your washer. The laundry detergent residue builds up in clothes, linens and towels. It makes them stiff and it breaks down the fiber. This cuts the life of your clothes, linens and towels in half.

The average household can spend over $500.00 a year on laundry detergents, fabric softeners and bleach. It is also estimated that the damage caused to washers, clothes, linens and towels costs the average household $700.00 a year. This totals over $1,200.00 a year.

All of this harm to you and the environment and the extra expenses caused by laundry detergents go away when you get the EdenPURE® EcoWasher®.

The EdenPURE® Eco­Washer® cleans and sanitizes your clothes, linens and towels the way nature does it. It does it by generating ozone which is a super form of oxygen. Ozone is generated in nature by the Sun and thunderstorms. It also creates beneficial ions which act as air “vitamins”. These are necessary for human health.

The ozone dissolves and lifts dirt out of clothes, linens and towels. It instantly kills bacteria and viruses. And when you flush it into the sewer systems, it benefits the environment by putting healthy ions into the water.

With the EdenPURE® Eco­Washer® your clothes, linens and towels are now totally clean and sanitized. They contain no residue or germs. They will last 100% longer. Your clothes will be soft and fluffy. They will feel good when you rub them on your face. Your towels will be soft and fluffy and be double the thickness of detergent-washed towels. You will no longer have to sort clothes by color or use hot water.

You may have an illness caused by laundry detergent and not know it. This will go away. You’ll therefore save on healthcare costs and medicines. You will become healthier. You will feel much better.

Using the EcoWasher® can save you over $1,200.00 a year. This is like getting a pay raise. This pay raise will keep going year after year. Your EdenPURE® EcoWasher® pays for itself in 8 weeks. It will be like a good investment that gives you $1,200.00 a year extra income perpetually.

The EdenPURE®Eco­Washer® installs in minutes without tools.

The regular price of the EdenPURE® Eco­Washer® is $397.00 plus $20.00 shipping and handling for a total of $417.00. Today, you have been authorized to get a $200.00 rebate on the EdenPURE® Eco­Washer®, and free shipping and handling. Your price is only $197 delivered. There is a strict limit of 2 at this discount price - no exceptions please.

  • To claim the EdenPURE® EcoWasher® call 1-800-477-2140 and give the operator your rebate code ECL6648 or
  • To claim the EdenPURE® EcoWasher® online


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