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Smart Products for a Healthy Home

edenpure is safe edenpure copper heat exchanger EdenPURE® is also known as the “Healthy Home” line. Our engineers make our products super safe for children and pets to be around. And we even go the extra mile and the extra expense to make all of our heaters extra healthy.

Everyone is aware that the original EdenPURE Portable Space Heaters were made with copper heating chambers. Now, we have discovered that copper is not just a great material for heat conduction and efficiency. Copper is also a surface material for destroying bacteria. Many hospitals and laboratories are replacing their touch surfaces with anti-microbial copper. EdenPURE exclusively uses special anti-microbial copper in our heating chambers. As your air is recirculated through the EdenPURE Space Heater, up to 96% of the bacteria and many of the micro organisms in the air are destroyed, thanks to our anti-microbial copper. So your EdenPURE not only saves you money, it purifies your air with healthy heat.