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water treatment systems

ScaleRID Water Treatment System vs. Salt-Based Water Softener

  ScaleRID Salt-Based Water Softener
Cost Under $150 $400 to $1800.00
Maintenance None Constant Maintenance
Treatment Method Electrical Field Salt-Based Ion Exchange
Installation 10 Minute Do-it-Yourself Professional
Scale Removal Yes No
Scale Prevention Yes No
Back Flush No Yes 80-100 Gallons Per Week
Skin Test Makes Skin Softer Makes Skin Dry
Soap Test Soap Suds Wash Away Soap Suds Difficult to Remove
Health Benefits Leaves in Essential Minerals Exchanges Minerals with Sodium

Made with pride in North Canton, OH

Good news for homeowners who suffer from hard water problems or are tired of their salt-based softeners.

End Hard Water Problems Forever ...
    Without Salt!

There is a new affordable alternative to salt-based softeners that:

  • Saves energy
  • Saves $$$ and is less expensive than salt-based softeners
  • Saves space — no big tanks
  • Saves water — no regeneration
  • Can be installed in minutes — no plumber necessary
  • Uses minimal electricity — only $8 to $10 a year
  • No maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Keeps healthy minerals in your water — no unhealthy salt added
  • For both city and well water
  • The ScaleRID SR-1000 and SR-2000 are covered by a Three-Year Warranty
  • Both ScaleRID SR-1000 and ScaleRID SR-2000 have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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The ScaleRID SR-1000 — only $147

The ScaleRID SR-2000 — only $247

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