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EdenPURE® Pillow - Edenpure.com
EdenPURE® Pillow - Edenpure.com

EdenPURE® Pillow

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The EdenPURE® Pillow was invented by a doctor to help correct the most common sleep problems. It will help provide you an amazing night’s sleep while also helping to significantly reduce headaches and snoring. The revolutionary EdenPURE® Pillow was designed by Doctor of Chiropractic Rick Swartzburg after years of trial and error to find the perfect support to align your cervical spine, provide relief to your head, neck, arms, shoulders and back and help prevent stiffness and numbness. It is better than pillows that are not developed by a doctor like my pillow. Powerfully Insulating – keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter 

• Made from an eco-friendly, soft fabric 

• Hype-allergenic 

• Highly Sweat Absorbent – pulls moisture from your skin for evaporation 

• Comes in Queen Size
   ORDER BY PHONE: 800-360-1070