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As an EdenPURE Affiliate, you will assist in the online marketing of EdenPURE and EdenPURE7 brand products. These name brand products are market tested and already selling at a high volume level.

When a customer purchases these name brand products online, the products will be drop shipped from the manufacturer. Therefore, you will not have to bear an inventory expense like you do in most other income opportunities. 

When a customer makes a purchase, you will get a sales commission of 22%. Your customer will also be offered an opportunity to become a EdenPURE Affiliate at a Level Two Position. You will then get a 5% sales commission on the purchases made by their customers.

Most multi-level income opportunities are scams, as you probably already know. They are usually selling products that have no market that nobody wants or overpriced products that are the same as products already on the market that people can get at a much lower price. Also, most of these scams have 5 to 7 levels. The only people to make money on these pyramid Ponzi schemes are the people at the top level.

Our studies show that only a small fraction of sales occur in a multi-level company below Level 2. 

Other income opportunities require a great deal of upfront investment to get into a franchise. Others are simply information books or reports on how to start your own business by people who have never actually started their own business. 

I started my own business over 50 years ago and came up with techniques and formulas where I could start a new industry at will. And I have done this consistently over the last 50 years. 

In the late 1970s I wrote the all-time best-selling book on entrepreneurial marketing titled, 7 Steps to Freedom. This book created numerous millionaires across the county. In 1982, I published my second book titled Super Biz. This book predicted everything that is occurring with the internet now, including the massive switch to online shopping. It is a collector item on Amazon where books in perfect condition have sold for as much as $2,900 dollars. More recently I published my 3rd book, 7 Steps to Freedom II, which also created many millionaires across the country. I still get thank you letters from people who became millionaires by reading my book. 

All my books were real and valid instructions on how to start a business and how to effectively market products. However, this required investment and risk. It also required a lot of work. 

I am also a pioneer in online marketing. My company has the most advanced techniques in online marketing in the nation. 

Therefore, I have now created the ultimate income opportunity utilizing online marketing with EdenPURE® Affiliates. 

I have attached some of the market-tested hot-selling products that you will have the opportunity to market. 

These products will provide your customers with great benefits. They are the best on the market. When I started my business, I made it my policy that I would never sell a bad product and I would always try to sell a product that is the best on the market. Here at my company, SCI, we invent, engineer, develop and have manufactured most of our products. In some cases, outside companies will bring products to us to market. In either case, all of the products we market must go through our strict quality control process. And I must personally see them work before I will sell it. This is why we have been in business for over 50 years while so many other companies started in that period have come and gone. 

I am reserving your Level One Position for you for the next 60 minutes. After that, it will be offered to someone else.

If you sign up now, step-by-step instructions will be provided to you that will allow you to start making money instantly. As soon as one of your customers purchases a product, the money will reflect in your account and be sent by PayPal monthly.

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EdenPURE® OxiLeaf™ II Thunderstorm™

The all new EdenPURE® OxiLeaf™ II Thunderstorm™ breaks barriers in air purification. Super Compact, Super Quiet, Super Powerful. Purifies the air much better than the best HEPAs. Purifies over 100 more pollutants than HEPAs. The upgraded EdenPURE® OxiLeaf™ II Thunderstorm has many upgrades over the widely successful OxiLeaf I:

  • Rapidly oxidizes odors - twice as fast as the original OxiLeaf

  • Uses safe Ozone Technology to destroy up to 99.9% of air pollutants

  • Dual Vent design for even, rapid purification

  • New, sleek design with indicator light to show effective operation

  • Higher Powered air cleaning on max output

  • Upgraded USB accessory for portable use

  • Improved construction for super efficient lifespan

EdenPURE® GEN40 Heater/Cooler

The 5 lb. GEN40 Super Heater-Cooler produces 50% more heat than the big box heaters that are 7 times its size and weigh 35 pounds. It will keep you warm in the winter so you will Never Be Cold Again while saving you money on your heating bills. And it has a fan only option to help you stay cool in the summer. 

The GEN40 produces high heat but it cannot start a fire and is safe around children and pets. And it runs super quiet so it is perfect for bedrooms, college dorms and offices.

  • Even Heating Infrared Heat

  • Fan Only Option for Cooling

  • Small Footprint

  • Multiple Built-in Safety Shutoffs

EdenPURE® Portable 360 Super Cooler™ with Amish Wood Cabinet

The new 2020 EdenPURE® Portable 360 Super Cooler™ lets you create paradise comfort anywhere you need one. Truly portable, take it to any room or anywhere. You can use it in the summer to slash cooling bills indoors. It cools 311% better than ceiling fans.

The powerful EdenPURE® Portable 360 Super Cooler™ creates even, comfortable air movement 360 degrees, unlike ceiling fans which pound you with air. And, unlike ceiling fans, you can take it anywhere. 

  • Uses the coolest air in the room from the floor

  • Portable

  • Cools 311% better than ceiling fans.

  • It uses over 90% less energy than air conditioners.

  • Powerful motor cools quickly.

  • Safe for children and pets.

  • It changes a 90° temperature to a 68.2° True Feel Temperature

EdenPURE7® Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp Blend

EdenPURE® Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp Blend is a proprietary mix of Certified Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Tincture and Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil combined with EdenPURE® Absorb Technology to provide you the most effective, highest-grade, safe hemp remedy on the market.

EdenPURE® Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp Blend is a proprietary mix of Certified Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Tincture and Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil combined with EdenPURE® Absorb Technology to provide you the most effective, highest-grade, safe hemp remedy on the market.

  • Organic and non-GMO CBD

  • Free of Humic Acid (VERY IMPORTANT – CBD that does not meet this could be toxic). 

  • Produced under strict GMP protocol 

  • Great tasting. It can be added to all types of beverages and taken straight.

  • CBD that has tested 91% Bioavailable 

EdenPURE7® Pain Cream

Instantly relieve pain for arthritis, joints, muscles, sports and hard jobs. The pain relief lasts for many hours. It contains Certified Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Hemp Oil and you can get it without a prescription. EdenPURE7 Pain Cream relieves pain by nourishing and revitalizing your endocannabinoid system to promote healing. It penetrates through the skin to the muscles, blood vessels, joints and bones to relieve pain and tension. It reduces inflammation and increases blood flow to carry away toxins and increase nutrients to promote healing.

•The provided ads and e-mail copy will give you and your customers more information as well as direct links to the web site that offers these and other products. 

•There is no obligation to become an EdenPURE® Affiliate. Your commissions are some of the highest in the Industry and the reporting is straight forward.