New NASA Space Station Heater-Cooler gives 50% more heat than heaters 7 times its size

Saves 50% more on heating bills and cuts air conditioning bills

Also provides pain relief and healing benefits

   EdenPURE® has announced the GEN40 Super Heater-Cooler. It has NASA Space Station micro technology to produce superpower from a small compact unit. It will also provide you with a big health care benefit. 

   This Super Heater has created a buying  frenzy across the nation and there is now awaiting list. 

   The 5 lb. GEN40 Super Heater-Cooler  produces 50% more heat than the big box  heaters that are 7 times its size and weigh  35 pounds. It produces more heat than all 110v infrared heaters on the market.

   Sitting in front of the GEN40 feels like  you are sitting in front of a roaring fireplace. It quickly warms you to the bone. 

   The GEN40 infrared heat generator has  advanced micro solid state technology. It  also produces far infrared waves that are  clinically proven to be beneficial to humans and animals. 

   The GEN40 high heat and far infrared waves also provide pain relief and promote healing for you and your pets. 

   It runs super quiet and is perfect for 

bedrooms, dorms and offices. 

   The GEN40 produces high heat but it cannot start a fire and is safe around children and pets.       

   The GEN40 does not reduce humidity  or oxygen like conventional heating sources. It heats the room evenly, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Conventional heating collects heat in the ceiling and the floor is 7° to 10° colder. This also gives you cold feet. You will get healthy, oxygen rich, even heat with the GEN40 and no more cold feet.

   The GEN40 also has a cooling mode to cool you in the summer. The GEN40 also has an oscillation feature that moves it up 

Never be Cold Again

Cannot start a fire. Safe for children and pets.

Greatly cuts cooling bills down to only $10.58 per month.

and down and side to side so it covers a wide area with roaring fireplace type heat in minutes and cooling in seconds. It also has a no oscillation mode. It has a selection of 3 heat levels, low, medium and high. 

   The GEN40 will cut your heating bills 50% more than past EdenPURE® heaters. It will also cut your air conditioning bills in the summer.

   The GEN40 solid state heat generation will last virtually forever. There are no bulbs to burn out like past EdenPURE® heaters. It heats up to 1,000 sq. ft. 

   The EdenPURE® GEN40 Super Heater-Cooler comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.

   ORDER BY PHONE: 800-360-1070