EdenPURE ScaleRID Hard Water Treatment System

Certified Repackaged

EdenPURE® ScaleRID Hard Water Treatment System

No Softener, Salt or Chemicals

Patented tech treats water to prevent minerals buildup.


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ScaleRID Hard Water Treatment System - Edenpure.com

The Easiest and Most Cost Effective Way to Eliminate Limescale and Other Hard Water Problems

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  • The 21st Century Way to Treat Hard Water

  • Get Rid of Salt Bags

  • Get Rid of Limescale and all other Hard Water Problems

  • 10-Minute Installation

  • Negligible Electric Use

  • No Maintenance

  • Use on Copper, PVC or Galvanized Pipes

  • Guaranteed Performance!

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EdenPURE Certified Repackaged

All components have been verified to be in working order. EdenPURE's money-back guarantee and full new product warranty are in effect.

A simple 5” x 3 1/4” wonder device takes the place of a big softener tank, bags of bulky salt and tedious heavy lifting.

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Regular $147.00


How does the ScaleRID Hard Water Treatment System work?

Let's Get a Little Scientific

ScaleRID - How it works to clear your pipes

The ScaleRID by EdenPURE® technology treats water by inducing variable electronic fields, which force the dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium to crystallize and remain in suspension instead of adhering to the walls of pipes, faucets or heating elements. It uses no chemicals. It saves energy and eliminates maintenance costs.

CAUTION: This product may work too well, cleaning out your scaled up pipes. Initially you may have more minerals and bits of scale coming out of your faucets until all old hard scale layers have disappeared, about 30-90 days after installation.

ScaleRID has countless Benefits. How many can you take advantage of with EdenPURE's Hard Water Treatment System?

• You get soft water characteristics without a big, expensive water softener or the additional salt

• Reduces soap scum - less cleaning for you

• Increases soap lather - use less shampoo, detergent

• Water feels silkier, soap rinses easier, leaving you feeling truly clean

• Reduces water spots on dishes and fixtures

• Removes existing limescale on faucets, shower heads, sink drains and toilets

• Dissolves and flushes out existing scale in pipes, improving water flow

• Prevents fresh deposits of lime from forming

• Extends useful life of water heater and dishwasher

• Saves septic systems or tile beds from damaging effects of brine (backwash) from water softener

• Can work in tandem with water softener, reducing the amount of salt, regeneration and back-washing

• ScaleRID by EdenPURE® treated water is healthy for people, pets and plants

• The beneficial calcium and magnesium remain in the water, making it healthier to drink

• No added salt - salt-based softeners add a significant amount of sodium; doctors advise patients with high blood pressure not to drink salt-softened water

• Decreased surface tension of the treated water makes it easier for plants to absorb, making them healthier with less water

• Helps control algae and bacteria; bio-growth significantly reduced

• Reduces harsh effects of hard water on skin and clothes

• Itchy skin conditions including Psoriasis and Eczema may be improved

• Low operating costs - less than $10 a year in electricity

• Cut energy bills - because each 1/8” of limescale removed increases heating efficiency

• Saves water - with no regeneration, you save hundreds of gallons per month

• No negative effects on environment

• ScaleRID by EdenPURE® treated water is beneficial to vegetation

• Recommended for Tankless Heaters

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Use it and love it or return for a complete refund

Installation in less than 10-minutes

Sneezing and Couching throws tiny droplets into the air

On the main horizontal pipe

Door handles collect germs

On the main vertical pipe

Explore these FAQs about ScaleRID

How is the scale eliminated when the coils are not in contact with the water?

The ScaleRID by EdenPURE® unit works by producing an electric field generated by a coil around the pipe. This field converts the dissolved mineral ions (Ca+ and Mg+) into microscopic crystals that remain in suspension and are eliminated by flowing down the drain.

Does it really work?

The ScaleRID by EdenPURE® technology has been widely used since it was patented in 1991. There are hundreds of thousands of units in use in at least 40 countries. What makes ScaleRID by EdenPURE® the number one choice for electronic water treatment is the total upgrade just completed on this innovative device. The ScaleRID by EdenPURE® team has enhanced just about every aspect of ScaleRID by EdenPURE® to make it not only better, but the best available anywhere. We can confidently say:

1. With our Quick Connect Coils, the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® is now the easiest-to-install water treatment device available - about 10 minutes in most cases.

2. With our employment of computer chips instead of integrated circuits, we now have one of the most powerful and effective units of this size available anywhere.

3. With our new pricing, ScaleRID by EdenPURE® is the most economical water treatment device you will find.And we are still working to improve it. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty speak of our confidence in this ingenious unit.

How can I tell if it’s working?

What to look for: Within the first week, you will see elimination of new scale deposits and loosening of existing scale. Soap will lather easier, your skin will feel softer and your hair will be more manageable. Spots on dishes will be reduced. In around 2 to 4 weeks or earlier, you should definitely notice:

• The softening of scale around faucets and showerheads

• Water will feel hotter with improved performance of water heaters,washing machines and dishwashers 

• The ability to reduce the amount of soap, shampoo, detergents andcleaners used 

• Easier cleaning of surfaces, especially chrome fixtures, baths & sinks

Does it affect the drinking water?

Water remains chemically unchanged, only the physical properties are changed. 

Actually the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® improves your water if you are currently using a salt-based water softener. Now you will be receiving the important minerals calcium and magnesium in your drinking water, instead of having them cling to your pipes and fixtures, or having them changed by adding unhealthy salt.

Does ScaleRID by EdenPURE® work with well water?

ScaleRID by EdenPURE® eliminates hard water problems in both city and well water. It does not get rid of rust.

What do I check once the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® is installed?

Verify periodically that the LED light is continuously cycling up and down.

How much does it cost to run?

The unit costs about $8 - $10 in electricity per year.

How long does the effect of the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® unit last?

When ScaleRID by EdenPURE® treated water sits in a tank, the suspended crystals slowly revert to ions in solution. This will happen over a period of two to three days. As soon as freshly treated water enters the system, the increased dissolving properties of the water will be restored.

How long will the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® last?

The ScaleRID by EdenPURE® is designed to operate continuously for over 10 years under normal operating conditions. We guarantee the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® for 3 years from the date of purchase and we will replace any unit that fails during that time at no charge.

Will ScaleRID by EdenPURE® affect my water flow?

Our customers notice a substantial improvement in water flow due to theelimination of limescale in their plumbing system.

Can ScaleRID by EdenPURE® be used with existing filter systems and water softeners?

Yes. All inline systems will also benefit from the descaling process,prolonging their useful life. Reverse osmosis membranes will remain scale free and last longer. For people who wish to continue using the traditional water softener, ScaleRID by EdenPURE® should be installed before the softener, this will result in a significant reduction of salt used plus water savings due to reduced need for regeneration cycles.

Will I notice more lather from soaps, shampoos and detergents?

Water treated with ScaleRID by EdenPURE® behaves as soft water. Far less shampoo, soap or detergent will be needed.

What if it does not work?

We can normally solve most problems over the phone. If it doesn’t give you the benefits that you expect, you get your money back.

What about the rumors that salt-based water softeners will become illegal?

At this time, this is still a rumor, but some communities in the USA have already banned the use of the traditional salt-based water softeners and more communities are considering banning them in the future.

Why choose ScaleRID by EdenPURE® instead of similar products?

The ScaleRID by EdenPURE® Electronic Hard Water Treatment System provides similar or better results than much higher priced units at a much more affordable price. ScaleRID by EdenPURE® uses state-of-the-art technology in electronic water treatment. ScaleRID by EdenPURE®’s electronic field continually fluctuates, covering a wide range of frequencies, thus treating the widest range of mineral concentrations at any rate of water flow. The ScaleRID by EdenPURE® is the very easiest to install. Other similar units on the market have a much higher price and are often of inferior quality.

Why is the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® so affordable?

Don’t be fooled, a higher price does not always mean higher quality. We have succeeded at miniaturizing the components, and by mass producing the units, we are able to reach the end user at a great price without sacrificing quality of performance. Our new computer chips are designed to provide a lifetime of worry-free results. Other companies offer similar treatment options for $300, $800 and up to $1800. Our ScaleRID by EdenPURE® will provide the same results at a much lower cost.

Where does the scale that is removed go?

Because the scale does not stick to pipes and appliances, minerals and bits of scale all go down the drain. This will not block up your drain as the crystals are microscopic in size. But if you do not want your pipes cleared of scale, you do not want the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® SR-1000.

How easy is it to install?

Do-it-yourself installation is quick and simple - and does not require a plumber or even cutting of pipes. And ScaleRID by EdenPURE® can be used with copper, PVC or galvanized pipes.

1. Locate the pipe where your water supply first enters your homeand lay the Quick Connect Coils on the pipe.

2. Mount the Control Module with the provided hooks or screws.

3. Attach Foam Adapters (provided) and click the Quick Connect Coilover the foam.

4. Attach wires from Quick Connect Coils power supply to ControlModule and then the power supply to the electrical outlet.

Easy installation also means that should you move, the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® is simple to disconnect and take with you.

Does the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® require maintenance?

ScaleRID by EdenPURE® is designed to be maintenance-free.

Where should the coil be installed?

The ideal place is at the water inlet for the home or building. If this is not possible, it can also be installed at the inlet of the water heater.

How much pipe is needed for installation?

To install the unit you require at least 12 inches for the ScaleRID by EdenPURE® SR-1000. This can be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal pipe.

When I move, can I take ScaleRID by EdenPURE® with me?

Yes. Because installing ScaleRID by EdenPURE® requires no plumbing work, removing it is as easy as unplugging the unit.

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