• Now you can get powerful hospitalpain relief right in your home

•Relieves pain in yourback and joints

The EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT®Pain Relief Appliances

EdenPURE Smart PainNOT Back Appliance

EdenPURE Smart PainNOT Join Appliance

By Daniel Hanford, Media Services

EdenPURE® has developed the ultimate in pain relief. It is the EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT® Appliances.

EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT® comes in two smart appliances that provide powerful pain relief. You don’t have to go to a hospital to get powerful pain relief for back and joints. You can get hospital grade, power pain relief right in your home.

Here are the pain relief benefits provided by the EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT® Back Appliances.

Back pain has many causes. These include spine wear and tear, spine compression, injuries, arthritis, spine disc damage and toxins that accumulate in the spine.

The EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT® Back Appliance provides triple action therapy for all of these causes as follows:

• It reduces compression by actually stretching the spine moving it up and down. The appliance does it for you. You simply put it on your bed and lay on it. It automatically stretches the spine up and down decompressing the spine.

• Provides massage which increases blood flow to the area. Blood flow is the key to allow the body to heal damage and also carry away toxins.

• Has Red Light Heat. Red light heat is well tested as a therapy to heal and relieve pain. The red light heat penetrates through the muscle and to the spine. This brings much additional blood flow to the area. This allows damage and injury healing. The increased blood flow also carries away harmful toxins and damaged tissue matter. It also brings nutrition to the damaged area.

You simply put it on your bed and lay on it. You only have to do this for 20 minutes a day.

The EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT® Joint Appliance provides pain relief for knee, shoulder and elbow pain. It has a dual action as follows:

• Massages the area which greatly increases blood flow. This allows the body to heal damage.

• Applies Red Light Heat which is known to have healing benefits. The red light heat then penetrates through the muscle to the joint which further increases blood flow which allows the body to heal and carry away toxins and damaged tissue.

Provides hospital power pain relief in your home while you relax

Knee Pain Relief

Elbow Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain Relief

The EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT® Appliances come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.

The regular price for each of the EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT® Appliances is $299.00 plus $20 shipping and handling for a total of $319.00. EdenPURE® is offering a limited time Introductory Super Sale with a big discount. You get a $100 discount and get your choice of one appliance for $199 with free shipping or both appliances for $175 each, a total of $349 with free shipping.

• To get the EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT® Appliances by phone call 1-800-360-1070

• To get the EdenPURE® Smart PainNOT® Appliances online click here:

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