The Air in Your Home 

Could Be Making You Sick

by Margaret Snow - 4/28/2020

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air in your home could be up to 100 times MORE polluted than the air outside! (1) This could be causing a whole host of ill health effects that you have been needlessly suffering from and never knew the reason why.

Everything from a runny nose, coughing, itchy/watery/red eyes, itchy/dry skin can be a sign of breathing dirty air in your home.

Indoor Air Making You Sick

Think about it, most of the time your home is closed up, just recycling the same air over and over again. So things like dead skin, dust, pet dander, pollen that is in your home STAYS there in the air for years at a time! 

Not only that, but these contaminants build up over time in your home making the air quality you are breathing in everyday worse and worse. Followed by your health getting worse and worse! 

The Average Person Sheds Almost 1,000,000 Skin Cells a Day!

One of the worst things that builds up in your home is dead skin from you and anyone else in your home. You see, humans shed their skin continuously, in a 24 hour period the average person sheds almost 1,000,000 skin cells! (2)

And if you have pets, their dander is also building up in your home’s air. Just like us, our furry friends also shed their skin daily and this build up can wreck havoc on your sinuses. 

Let’s face it, no one cleans their homes EVERY day and with DAILY shedding of skin from both you and your pets it’s no wonder you have a runny nose, dry eyes and other bad health symptoms.

You Keep Tracking MORE Air Pollutants Into Your Home

Just about everyday you have to go outside. Now when you do this you are:


      1)  Letting things like pollen, car exhaust, mold spores and more into your home’s air 

      2) When you come back inside all the pollutants cling to your clothes, shoes and hair so you track them right into your home. 

 This means even MORE things to make the air in your home dirty and cause health issues. 

Odors Trapped in Your Carpet and Paint Become Irritants to Your Senses

And let’s not forget odor. Yep, the carpet on the floor and the paint on your walls absorbs odors in your home like cooking odors, pet accidents, cigarette smoke, and more. You might not even be able to smell it anymore because you have become nose blind to it. You are so use to it, your sense of smell has actually tuned it completely out! 

But this odor in your home is there and has become an irritant to your senses. 

All of these air pollutants in your home could be causing you itchy eyes, stuffed up nose, a bad cough and even trouble breathing.

Getting Rid of Bad Odors

What Can You Do About Your Indoor Air Quality?

You have probably been treating the SYMPTOM rather than the cause of your ill health effects…poor indoor air quality. 

Now you now what is behind your nagging health issues. But what can you do about it?! 

Let’s look at the options. What about opening a window? Nope. Just doesn’t work. Not only can you not force these pollutants lurking in your home’s air outside through an open window but you will end out just letting MORE air pollutants back in to your home! 

How about regular cleaning like vacuuming and dusting? This does get some of the causes of your ill health effects but mostly you are just stirring up all the dust into the air. So while you are picking up the dust and dander on surfaces you are actually sending a lot of it into the air where you breathe in even MORE ill health affecting air pollutants! (3) 

Getting Rid of Bad Odors in Your Home

What about getting rid of odors? I’m sure you’ve tried air fresheners and countless sprays. Sure, they may smell nice and work for a little bit but they are just COVERING UP the smells. The cause of the smell is still there and as soon as the spray wears off, there it is, that horrible smell you tried to cover up. Not to mention these sprays can further contribute to breathing problems and health issues when you breathe them in. 

There are also diffusers and candles you’ve no doubt used to try and cover up things like musty mold in a basement or cigarette smoke. But again, these just are just a temporary fix and can actually do more harm than good when you have to breathe these things in all day long in your home. 

And of course there is the cost in buying these odor cover ups. Since you aren’t attacking the actual cause of the odor, you have to keep buying odor cover ups EVERY week! This adds up and is probably costing you hundreds and hundreds of dollars and more than likely further irritating your sinuses.

What ACTUALLY Works to Clean the Air in Your Home?

Ok, ok, most of things just don’t work clean up your home’s air. What can you do to ACTUALLY take back the air quality in our home and breathe fresh clean air again! 

Something that I’ve found that really works is super-oxygen molecules, or ozone. After some research I found out that Ozone is considered an unstable molecule. You see, oxygen is O2 while ozone is O3. The difference is 1 oxygen atom. This 1 oxygen atom wants to be connected to another atom therefore it goes out and “attacks” other unstable molecules. 

So basically O3 seeks out and binds with particles in your home’s air and destroys them. All the things in your home’s air causing your bad health is gone in a just a few minutes! 

What I Use in My Home to Clean the Air and Stay Healthy

There are several air purifiers out there that produce super-oxygen but the one I found and use in my home ALL the time is the EdenPURE OxiLeaf II. It’s so small it fits in the palm of my hand and I can plug the whole unit directly into the wall so it takes up NO floor space. 

Once I started using it the improvement in my health was dramatic. What I thought were just regular allergies and sinus issues just went away and I was feeling like my old self again! 

For more information on this simple and easy fix to improving your home’s air quality and improve your health check out the below link for more information. 

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