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Why Just Mask Odors with Chemicals and Purifiers that Don’t Destroy the Source of Smells?

Urine Smell


Cooking Odors

Cooking Odors

Cigarette Odor

Cigarette Smoke

Stinky Wet Dog

Wet Dog

Smelly Litter Box

Litter Box

Trash Odor


The Oxi-Technology produces O3 molecules which seek out and destroy ALL odors from smoke, litter box, trash can, urine, chemical fumes and more!

  • Rapidly oxidizes odors

  • Super Oxygen seeks out and attacks odors at the source

  • Doesn’t cover up smells, completely gets rid of them

  • Super Compact, Super Quiet, Super Powerful

  • New, sleek design with day-running light to show effective operation

  • USB accessory for portable use 

  • Superior construction for super efficient lifespan

Doesn't Cover Up Smells

Eliminates Them Completely

Oxileaf Air Purifier fits in the palm of your hand and plugs directly into your wall outlet


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Could the smell in your home be hiding something very, very wrong?

Stop using odor cover-up sprays, they only mask the problem

     Like the canary in the coal mine, the smell of your home could be an indicator of something very, very wrong. 

     Let me explain, if your home is older than 10 years old, there is a good chance you have a musty odor in your home which is a sign of mold and other health dangers. 

     And fixing this issue means thousands of dollars in professional mold and odor removal. 

     As a home ages, the paint on your walls and ceiling, along with your carpet, soak up all the smells from inside your home. Everything from pet urine, litter box, smoking, chemical fumes, and cooking smells. After time, this creates a super breeding ground of musty, moldy smells. 

     And since you are in your home everyday you have gotten used to it so you don’t even smell it!!! But I assure you that when people come into your home they are smelling this problem. Even causing your friends and family to come over less than they normally would! 

     The OxiLeaf™ II air purifier actually freshens your home by eliminating odors completely by attacking the source of the smell and not just the odor. 

     Stop using odor cover-up sprays. They only mask the problem and could end up making the problem worse by not addressing the cause of the foul odor in your home. 

     The Oxi­Leaf II™ is so advanced because it’s made with proven micro-electronic technology, so it fits in the palm of your hand. 

     A good HEPA room air purifier averages $400 in cost, and the best rated Whole House HEPA and static air purifiers can cost over $1,500.00. 

     In comparison, you can put an OxiLeaf II™ in every room of your house for less than the cost of just one Whole House HEPA air purifier. Plus, HEPA air purifiers require constant replacement of expensive filters and static air purifiers need cleaned constantly. But the OxiLeaf II™ has no filters to replace and nothing to clean.        

     You simply plug it into an electrical outlet and forget about it!

Let's Get a Little Scientific

     The Oxileaf II Air Purifier produces super-oxygen molecules, or ozone. Ozone is considered an unstable molecule. Oxygen is O2. Ozone is O3. You see, the difference in 1 oxygen atom. 

     The OxiLeaf™ II sends out these O3 molecules into the air which seek out unbearable smells and other air pollutants in your home and destroys them! Even behind objects and under furniture, nothing can escape the OxiLeaf. 

     These O3 molecules bind with these foul odors and causes them to actually break up on a microscopic level, leaving only fresh clean air for you and your family to enjoy. And most importantly stopping any musty, moldy smells coming from your home. 

     These O3 molecules are completely natural and are produced in nature by the sun and after thunderstorms 

     The OxiLeaf™ II freshens, energizes and freshens the air you breathe in your home leading to good health. 

     What do you think breathing in musty foul air does to your lungs and your health? There’s no way that is good for you, your family or your pets.

Video illustration of ozone molecules eliminating foul odors

  • To help illustrate how atoms work to combine and change molecular structure, the light blue circles represent super-oxygen and the dark circles represent foul odors.
  • You will see that the super-oxygen molecules (light blue) are changing the structure of the odors (dark) into fresh clean air.

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Did you know? Many air purifiers don’t actually do anything about stinky odors in your home!

     Most air purifiers such as HEPA filters do not affect or really do anything to tackle the issue of odors. They only filter out fine particles from the air and leave gross smells lingering in the air.

     A new, high-tech air purifier, the OxiLeaf II™, does address smells and completely removes them! Not only are smells eliminated but the source is attacked as well so the smell doesn’t come back.

     The best HEPA filters vary in size from tabletop units weighing 5 to 10 lbs. to top rated HEPA weighing 30 to 40 lbs. and have a have a noise level of up to 80 decibels, which is about that of a leaf blower. The new high-tech OxiLeaf II fits in the palm of your hand and runs almost silent. It purifies the air of foul, musty smells much better than all of those outdated purifiers.

How to Use OxiLeaf II™ to Remove Odors in Your Home

Paint and Chemical Fumes

Chemical Fumes

OxiLeaf II reduces chemical fumes like VOCs which stands for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are things like new paint fumes and glues from remodeling work.

Musty Bathroom

Bathroom Smells

Bathrooms tend to get a musty smell due to moist conditions. Run an OxiLeaf II to control that musty, mildew smell in all of your bathrooms. Get that fresh smell without harmful chemicals!

Hotel Room


Traveling? Bring your OxiLeaf II with you to ensure a clean smelling hotel room, free of smoke and other odors. It’s small, compact size makes it fit in a backpack or suitcase easily.

Mattress Odors from Sweat

Mattress Odors

Sleeping on a mattress every night for 8 hours can cause it to contain a host of odors from sweat and dead skin cells. OxiLeaf II can remove these terrible odors in no time and you can have your bedroom smelling clean and fresh again.

Clothes in Closet Can Absorb Smells

Freshens Closets

Your closet stores your smelly shoes and racks of clothes which can absorb odors. Set an OxiLeaf II inside your closet (extension cord may be required) to get rid of these odors.

OxiLeaf in front of air intake vent to freshen whole home

Whole Home Air Freshener

Use the OxiLeaf to freshen the air in your home. Place an OxiLeaf II directly in front of the return air intakes for quick and easy whole home air freshening! Your entire home will smell like new again.

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