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Destroys Deadly Viruses & Bacteria

New unit is 100 times better than HEPA air purifier 20 times its size

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 Uses Ozone to Purify the Air

Completely Gets Rid of Odors

Technology Used by Hospitals

Dual Vent for Even, Rapid Purification

No Filters to Replace 

 Destroys 99.9% of Air Pollutants

Nearly Silent for Bedroom Use

Super Compact, Portable Design

 Plugs Directly Into Wall

Or Powered by USB Cord

Uses Proven Technology that Hospitals Use to Clean and Sanitize a Room of Viruses & Bacteria

Quickly Destroys the Worst Odors

Gets rid of odors from urine, cigarette smoke,litter boxes, wet dog, trash, mold, and new paint

NO Expensive Filters to Buy

Filterless design means you don't have to waste money buying replacement filters over and over again saving you money.

Takes Up NO Floor Space

Plugs directly into the wall so it takes up NO floor space. It's compact size also makes it great to take on trips to use in hotels.

Can Also Be Powered by USB Cord

Use the included USB cord to put the OxiLeaf II directly into tight places like a car, cupboards, gym bag or stinky shoes. 

In Stock and Shipping Now!

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