EdenPURE® Oxileaf®

Refrigerator Air Purifier

Kills bacteria and viruses lingering in your refrigerator.

Eliminates foul food odor and hidden smells.


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New Refrigerator Air Purifier Keeps Food Fresher for Longer, Kills Harmful Bacteria and Removes Odors

Keeps Fruit Longer

Extends Veggie Life

Removes Odors

Protects Family

Super Compact, Super Quiet, Super Powerful. Purifies the air in your fridge helping to keep your fruits, vegetables and proteins fresher ... longer!

  • Rapidly oxidizes odors

  • Uses safe Ozone Technology to destroy up to 99.9% of air pollutants

  • Rapid, effective purification

  • New, sleek design with rechargeable battery

  • 3 settings - high power, low maintenance, and standby

  • Water-tight to protect working components

  • Portable for use in any small area for quick cleaning of stale or stagnant air

The all new EdenPURE® OxiLeaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier is a must-have for every serious cook, homemaker and family

Try the EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier Risk FREE for 30 Days

How does the OxiLeaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier work?

Ionic technology produces "super oxygen" that purifies your air the same way nature does after a thunderstorm

     The EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier produces ions, which restore the air to a healthy state. Nature produces these ions in large doses during a thunderstorm. That's why the air is energized and smells so fresh after a thunderstorm. This super-oxygen is the way nature purifies the air.

     The EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier uses this same ionic technology found in nature to remove pollutants and to naturally purify the air. It removes all odors including fish, chicken, and prepared food smells. It also purifies the air in your refrigerator to remove pollutants from fertilizers.  It kills bacteria that may be growing on the surface of your foods.  It kills the mold causing germs that attack your fruits, like strawberries, making them last and stay fresh longer.

     The micro-sized EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier produces and sends out super-oxygen molecules that attack all pollutants in every square inch of an area, including behind objects. These super-oxygen molecules act as deadly missiles that destroy up to 99.9% of air pollutants and turn them into harmless vapor and ash. No matter where the pollution is, it cannot hide from these super-oxygen missiles, including surfaces.

     The EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier removes odors better than anything else on the market.  It far surpasses the use of an open box of baking soda. It can be used not only in your refrigerator, but in any small area like cupboards, pantry, closets, shoe racks, laundry room and more. It will also totally remove odors and restore the air in automobiles and RVs, and it's perfect for travel. It's made with proven micro-electronic technology, so its no larger than a can of soda pop.

      You simply turn it on and forget about it!

Let's get a little scientific!

     The Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier produces super-oxygen molecules, or ozone.  Ozone is considered an unstable molecule.  Oxygen is O2. Ozone is O3.  You see, the difference is 1 oxygen atom.  This 1 oxygen atom wants to be connected to another atom therefore it goes out and "attacks" other unstable molecules.  This includes things like bacteria, viruses and germs.  It also includes air particles like odors, smells, smoke from barbecue, chemicals, etc.

     When this powerful oxygen atom attacks or connects with any of these other molecules, their structure changes thereby cleaning, breaking-down or "killing" them.

     The Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier comes with two settings to increase or decrease the super-oxygen output.  Have a dirty room, turn it up.  Have a clean room, turn it down or off until it is needed.  Too much super-oxygen can leave a smell - this is an indication to set your unit to low or standby.

  • To help illustrate how atoms work to combine and change molecular structure, the light blue circles represent super-oxygen and the dark circles represent air pollution including germs, odors and more.
  • You will see that the super-oxygen molecules (light blue) are changing the structure of the pollutants (dark) thereby cleaning the air.

It’s smaller than a drink can so takes up barely any space in your fridge and can go in your closet, cupboards and your pantry to get rid of bad odors

An amazing, new, super effective refrigerator air purifier is now being announced for national release by EdenPURE®.

Known as the EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier, this outstanding state-of-the-art purifier keeps food fresher for longer, kills harmful bacteria and removes odors.

You will save money and time, while saving on gas because you’re not constantly making additional trips to the grocery store to replace your spoiled food.

And you can even use it in your closet, cupboards, older storage boxes and your pantry. 

From this point forward, every time you remove something from your refrigerator it is guaranteed to be fresh, safe and amazingly good! The benefits of the new EdenPURE® OxiLeaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier are endless.

Try the EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier Risk FREE for 30 Days

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