The Air Inside Your Home Is Often Worse Than Outdoors… Now People Have Found the Perfect Solution

Indoor air pollution can be a major issue. Though we often overlook the fact, that like every other part of the house, the air needs cleaned as well. You wouldn’t skip cleaning your counters after handling raw chicken just because you couldn’t see any bacteria, would you?


So, is indoor air pollution really that bad? The short answer is yes. Due to low levels of circulation, homes can be filled with pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, pet dander, dust mites and even toxic gases.


Breathing in all of this air pollution can have negative effects. This is especially concerning when you take into consideration that the average adult breathes 38 pounds of air a day.

These harmful air pollutants hide in plain sight

While thinking about all of the pathogens floating around in your home, it may be enough to make your stomach churn... this should not be considered an out of sight out of mind situation. Homes are full of harmful air pollutants and they could have unwanted side effects.


That’s where the EdenPURE® Thunderstorm™ comes into play.This air purifier destroys over 100 harmful pollutants that other air purifiers do not.


 It quickly destroys smoke, pollen, pet dander, carbon monoxide and kills dust mites. It eliminates virtually all pollutants, organic and inorganic, including toxic gases. It even destroys air pollution caused by black mold!


No one wants to be breathing in all of these pathogens on a daily basis, especially not in your home where you’re supposed to feel most protected. 

“The Thunderstorm Air Purifier, finally some real help for some really smelly situations!”

While harmful air pollutants are major issues with homes, the EdenPURE® Thunderstorm™ can also help you in another way. Unpleasant smells. No one wants to be the person on the block, in the friend group or family that has the smelly home.


Luckily for all of us the solution is simple, plug one of these into an outlet and never worry again. The Thunderstorm™ destroys all odors; yes ALL. Whether it’s from pets, cigarettes, urine, cooking, or that sweaty gym bag.


But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Laura G., Director of Animal Care Clinic had to say:


"We have, in our clinic, 20-40 feral cats per week. We know smelly. After trying many other products to cover up the odor, we were very pleased to be offered the Thunderstorm Air Purifier. It works and it works well."


If the Thunderstorm™ is tough enough for those extreme odors, imagine what it can do to the ones in your home!

Technology so good it’s trusted by hospitals

The most dangerous things in your home, unfortunately, can’t even be seen. Viruses and bacteria are everywhere; no matter how clean you and your family are, odds are you will encounter them and they will invade your home.


But now you can get the same type of air purification technology in your home that is used in hospitals to clean and sanitize a room of viruses and bacteria.


While your home may not encounter as many viruses and bacteria as a hospital, don’t fool yourself into thinking these dangers aren’t lurking around you and your family. These hidden dangers are in the air when someone sneezes, on high-touch areas like doorknobs, furniture, kitchen countertops, floors and carpets.

How does it work?

To help explain this I want you to think about the smell outside right after a thunderstorm. Are you imagining that clean and fresh smell enveloping the area? That’s because thunderstorms naturally produce O3 molecules and is how nature purifies the air we breathe.


The EdenPURE® Thunderstorm™ takes this and puts it right inside your home. It generates these O3 molecules and sends them throughout your home. They then attach themselves to nasty odors and air pollutants to destroy them; leaving your home fresh and clean.

It goes wherever you need it

Figuring out the best spot to put a large and clunky air purifier is a thing of the past. The Thunderstorm can be put anywhere in your home.


The whole unit plugs right into the wall meaning it takes up no room on the floor or counter. Imagine the possibilities when you’re no longer tied to only placing it in a large opening on the floor or wasting precious counter space.


Whether you need it in a cluttered musty basement, your kitchen, living room, bedroom or den it will always have a spot to go. And what’s even better? This small air purifier that fits in the palm of your hand won’t leave you with an ugly eye sore like larger units.


But this air purifier goes even farther. It comes with a 6 foot USB cord. This is great for use in your car and those places in your home without an outlet, such as closets.

How to use it

The Thunderstorm™ was made to be as simple as possible. All you have to do is plug it into an outlet and turn it on. It really is that simple! There’s nothing more to it other than a knob to adjust your output settings.


As an added bonus for ease of use, there are NO filters to replace. No more remembering when to change them or having to take the time to pull your unit apart.

How much does it cost?

While traditional air purifiers may run anywhere from $200 to $400, even the regular price of the Thunderstorm™ is a breath of fresh air at $129.


But since you’re reading this you get an even better deal! EdenPURE® is giving you a special discount where you can get one for only $97, that’s an extra savings of $32! Just click here to get your special discount.

Don’t wait too long because those pesky air pollutants in your home sure won’t hold off. You won’t believe how much better you feel in your home once you make the switch.