Caster - US010/DUAL -

Caster - US010/DUAL

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  1. These casters are NOT the same height as the single wheel casters US010.
  2. If you purchase this caster to replace the single wheel caster, it is recommended that you purchase four per installation to maintain correct balance.

Replacement Part Reference:

  • EdenPURE GEN4 1000
  • EdenPURE USA 1000
  • A4428
  • A4428/RTL
  • EliteA5363
  • GEN4
  • GEN4A4643/RTL
  • RPE1500A5076
  • RPE1500A5093
  • RPE1500A5093/R
  • US1000¬†
  • USA1000
  • USA1000A4188/RTL
  • USA1000A4188TT
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