Eden19 Hand Sanitizer and Beautifier 2-Pack

Eden19 Hand Sanitizer and Beautifier 2-Pack

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EdenPURE® has announced the new advanced EdenPURE® Eden19™ Hand Sanitizer and Beautifier 2 Pack.

Eden19™ Hand Sanitizer has one of the only 3 FDA approved hand sanitizing ingredients which has been clinically tested to destroy viruses, bacteria and germs. Eden19™ Hand Sanitizer will not dry out, redden and crack the skin on your hands like the popular alcohol and ethanol based hand sanitizers.

Eden19™ Hand Beautifier will actually make your hands more beautiful and younger looking. Eden19™ Hand Beautifier has TeloSC which signals your skin stem cells to produce the type of skin you had when you were very young. TeloSC was clinically tested to affect over 22 skin stem cell genes that stimulate youthful skin production.

In TeloSC clinical studies, the hydration of the subjects’ skin increased a dramatic 107% within two weeks, with visible wrinkle and sagging skin reduction. In these clinical studies, TeloSC substantially beat what was before the most effective anti-aging skin cream, Retinol®.

When you use the Eden19™ Hand Sanitizer and Beautifier 2 Pack, your hands will become much more beautiful and it will help you avoid illness from viruses, bacteria and germs.

The Eden19™ Hand Sanitizer and Beautifier 2-Pack contains the Eden19™ Hand Sanitizer and the Eden19™ Hand Beautifier with TeloSC. Eden19™ Hand Sanitizer comes in a 7.5 oz. bottle and Eden19™ Hand Beautifier comes in a 1 oz. (30 ml) jar. They are much more expensive to produce than all the other inferior hand sanitizers and skin beautifiers.

** Not available for sale or delivery in California

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