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EdenPURE Bio SpeedCLEAN Vacuum

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The EdenPURE® Bio SpeedCLEAN vacuum cleaner has 4 times the cleaning power of old-style vacuums. At only 8 pounds, this vacuum is easy to maneuver and to carry up and down stairs. The 30-foot long cord is mounted halfway up the vacuum to prevent tripping. 

The EdenPURE® Bio SpeedCLEAN works on both carpets and hard floors and will even deep clean mattresses removing dust mites, dead skin and dirt. Its 5.5 amp motor is so powerful it dislodges even the deep down embedded dirt. 

The inside of the vacuum bags used on the EdenPURE® Bio SpeedCLEAN Vacuum is made with HEPA/Cellular Filter Fiber that is anti-microbial and kills bacteria and odors. The entire sweeper is hermetically sealed so dirt can’t get out. The air that comes into the sweeper is actually purified. 

The EdenPURE® Bio SpeedCLEAN is designed with a series of precision-designed airflow vents so that the sweeper creates constant turbine air action at the nozzle like a tornado. With so much airflow action and no weight, this vacuum picks up everything clear to the bottom of the carpet. 

There are 2 models of the EdenPURE® Bio SpeedCLEAN: Series 3 and Series 4. The Series 4 Bio SpeedCLEAN has 2 unique speed settings, a squeegee for bare floors and it is designed with a total of 6 wheels to maintain optimum cleaning levels. You can use it on a wood floor, marble floor, tile floor and go on and off from carpet to hard floor. 

The Series 3 Bio SpeedClean normally sells for $372 plus $12 shipping and handling and the Series 4 normally sells for $497 plus $12 shipping and handling. Order today and get a $75 discount and Free shipping and handling no matter which EdenPURE® Bio SpeedCLEAN vacuum you choose.

The EdenPURE® Bio SpeedCLEAN Vacuums come with these amazing features:

  • Weighs only 8 pounds, easy to maneuver and lift
  • Great for carpets, hard floors and mattresses
  • Eco-Pure Technology kills bacteria and odors; purifies the air that flows through it
  • Ergonomic Looped Handle
  • 30-foot cord with advanced cord design to prevent tripping
  • 5.5 amp motor


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