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EdenPURE® Super Grill

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The EdenPURE® Super Grill has a high powered infrared broiler that heats to over 670°F, it makes the juiciest steak, chicken and pork you will ever eat. This breakthrough technology is a multi-functional countertop cooker that can broil, grill, sauté, steam, sear and much more. It also comes with a high powered infrared heating element that cooks the food from above. On the top of the unit there is also a non-stick flat-top griddle to tackle nearly any cooking challenge. This multi-functional countertop cooker will be your M.V.P. in the kitchen.

The EdenPURE® Super Grill is a truly original indoor grill that creates juicy, mouth-watering meals in minutes. This smokeless, infrared grill is a restaurant-quality broiler designed especially for indoor use. Like in fine restaurants, cooking foods at a high temperature with Infrared heat is the secret with the EdenPURE® Super Grill. Searing foods with high heat seals in flavor quickly for perfect food every time. 

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the EdenPURE® Super Grill gives you the freedom to have an indoor barbeque any day of the year. And it doesn’t just do barbeque! The EdenPURE® Super Grill has a revolutionary griddle on top of the cooker so you can make everything from steak and fish to stir fry and grilled cheese. It can even sear your finest burger while it fries an egg to put on top of it. This is truly the best multi-purpose cooker you’ll find anywhere. 

  • Smokeless Indoor Grill

  • High quality stainless steel

  • Quick, Easy Grilling solution

  • Multi-use countertop cooker

  • Restaurant-quality Broiler

  • Professional Griddle

  • Infrared Grill technology

  • Carry Handles for easy portability

  • Top Infrared Heating Element: 700°F
  • Griddle: 200°F to 400°F
  • Dimensions: 10.5” H x 13” D x 18” W
  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Watts: 1400
  • Heat Source: Electric Infrared
  • Grill Grate Material: Stainless Steel
  • Griddle Cooking Space Area: 12” x 9 ¾”
  • Broiler Grate Cooking Space Area: 12” x 10 ½”
  • Dishwasher Safe: Griddle, Broiler Tray, Grease Tray, Drawer, Lid
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