REV200 Vacuum
REV200 Vacuum
REV200 Vacuum
REV200 Vacuum
REV200 Vacuum
REV200 Vacuum
REV200 Vacuum
REV200 Vacuum

REV200 Vacuum

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The new EdenPURE® REV200 is one of the most advanced and high tech Robotic Vacuums on the market today. Unlike most Robotic Vacuums, the REV200 is a 2-in-1 do it all vacuum cleaner. It can not only sweep and clean your entire carpet and floors but you can also mop your tiles and hard wood floors now as well!

  • Never use a vacuum again
  • Sweeps and Mops
  • Dual action cleaning bristles
  • Never runs out of battery; Returns to charging dock when battery is low

The EdenPURE® REV200 is unlike any other robotic vacuum on the market today. Because of its amazing 2-in-1 design this self cleaning vacuum allows you to either sweep or mop.

Before with these robotic vacuums you were bound to just sweep and dust your carpets and tiles. Which is good for keeping your home free of some allergies and dust particles BUT you are only cleaning up half the mess. NOW since you have the option to dust and mop you clean ALL the rest of the bacteria and gunk off your tiles and hard wood floors as well!

Also, with its new advanced design the EdenPURE® REV200 makes sure that every tiny piece of dirt in every corner or crevice gets cleaned up. With its Dual Action Cleaning Bristles the EdenPURE® REV200 can ensure 360° cleaning around the REV200 vacuum making sure that NO dirt is left behind.

The low profile design of the REV200 gives this robotic self cleaning vacuum the ability to move freely under furniture like couches, chairs, tables and beds with a mere 4 inch clearance needed. 

Plus, when the battery power of the REV200 runs low, compromising its cleaning ability, it returns home to the docking station to be automatically recharged!



  • Dual Action Cleaning Bristles
  • Dust Tank for sweeping
  • Water Tank for mopping
  • HEPA filter
  • Velcro Micro-Fiber Mop
  • Smart Mapping Technology
  • Self Charging Technology
  • Soft-bump around unit
  • Extra cleaning bristles
  • Charging Dock
  • Remote Control
  • App. Usable



  • Diameter: 13”
  • Height: 3”
  • 6 lbs.
  • 14.4V
  • Made in China
ORDER BY PHONE: 800-839-0981