Are Infrared Heaters Energy Efficient?

The cost of heating a home has been rising for years and unfortunately, it looks like that trend will only continue. So naturally people have started searching for cheaper, more energy efficient ways to heat their home.

One form of heating people have switched to in order to lower this cost is infrared heaters. The technology used in these heaters can slash your heating bill and lighten the burden on your monthly spending.


How Efficient Are Infrared Heaters?



We all know how costly it can be to heat a home with central heating. But even if you ran an infrared heater all day, it would only cost you a few dollars. Infrared heaters use a minimal amount of electricity, which is where you save money. You can learn how to save the most money by learning how to use infrared heaters for zone heating here.

Heats objects directly

Another reason infrared heaters can save you money is due to their ability to heat objects directly. They do not actually heat the air around you, instead they send out infrared rays that penetrate any object in their path. How does this save you money? It’s actually quite simple, other types of space heaters require the heating and moving of the air in a room. This takes time and ultimately means you have to run the heater much longer while it tries to warm the air around you before you can feel it.

Instant heating

This ties into an infrared heaters ability to heat objects directly. Because of these infrared rays heating objects, you will notice the gentle warming sensation almost immediately. This allows you to save even more money because unlike conventional heaters, you do not need to pre heat a room. Instead, infrared heating technology allows you to turn on the heater as you enter a room and feel that comforting warmth right away.


There are many reasons to make the switch to using infrared heaters in your home and efficiency is one of them. Infrared heating technologies operate at the most efficient level to provide you with the results you expect from a quality product. They also allow you to save money, which is always welcome when investing in any home appliance. People all over are making the switch to infrared heaters, is it time for you as well?

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