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Heater Reviews...
Here are just a few reasons why people can't get enough of our EdenPURE® Heaters!

"We live in an area which is known for very cold winters. Our facility is nearly 7000 square feet in area. When we began to utilize the first unit we were amazed to see how even the heat was for the entire living room area. We ordered a second and a third unit which now warms the entire home. Much to our surprise we are saving over $250 a month and had the lowest expense for heating we have ever experienced here. I would heartily recommend your products to anybody who is interested in really nice, even heat in their home and also interested in saving on their utility expenses."
Dennis Crystal, Troy, MT
(Retired Airline Pilot)

"Enclosed you will find printouts of our electric bill and gas/heating/cooking bills ... Our gas company, AmeriGas, stated that more money was saved than would show up because of the cost going up. We would turn the gas on early in the morning and turn it down to 60 degrees; We would use the EdenPURE heaters from then on and they provided such warmth and cozy heat. We, also, had fewer colds last winter than in previous years, before we purchased the EdenPURE heaters. Many of our friends have informed me recently that they are going to purchase these heaters for their homes this winter."
Gloria D. Smith, Boydton, VA
(Retired Elementary Principal)

"Thanks again for your Sunshine in a Box! Your GEN4 heater is the best! Keeps us warm even in these temps."
North Pole Alaska

"Actually, I bought my first two EdenPURE heaters because I was looking for a way to save my father and his sister, my aunt, money because they heat with oil. And as you well know, oil prices are going through the roof. But getting the EdenPURE it saved well over $100 a month on oil even though the electric bill went up $60, it still saved me over $100. Anywhere from $410 to probably $135 a month on oil. The fact that this heater since we’ve gotten it, there is no cold spots, hot spots in this house."
Thomas Silvia,
Fall River, MA

"When I received the heaters my heating cost was way out of line from what we as a family could afford. And I immediately started using both the heaters. One in my kitchen area and one my den area, and my savings averaged about $175 to $200 a month each month during the winter.
This year which we’ve had a harder winter this year than we’ve had in the past probably 12-15 years here in south Georgia. I have experienced with the heater using two heaters during the months of December, January and up until this point in February, just about 24 hours a day in some cases to help to subsidize the heating on our furnace, I’ve been able to pretty well monitor my electric bill and it’s averaged by using these heaters, it’s averaged less than about $2 a day per heater which means I’ve ran up about $65 or $70 a month more in electric. But in turn, I have reduced my propane and am saving $175 to $200 a month in propane savings, and I’ll be glad to give you the $75 if you’ll give me the $200.
I have bought six heaters. Overall in helping other people over the last four years, because immediately after I realized such a savings, monetary wise, I began to approach people on the street, at stores, in hospitals, my own families and trying to encourage them to buy the EdenPURE because it was saving me so much money, and I knew that everyone needed some help. Even three or four years ago. And I probably have sold 65 or 70 heaters or more throughout the country. Some to California, some to Texas, some to Arkansas, some to Florida, and a whole lot of heaters here locally around our neighborhood here in Georgia.”

Jim and Ruby Haney,
Stockbridge, GA

“I’m a fire fighter, and I’ve been to fires that were caused by space heaters, and I know that they can cause a lot of damage and cause burns to especially children that get close to them. You know from wood stoves or any of these furnaces that run hot, and children get close to them and end up getting burned or they put things closer to them and cause fire in that way. So this is the reason why I considered the EdenPURE and why I trust my children around it. They go around it and you have no problems.”
John Noonan,
(Fire Fighter)

“Our other heaters, that were replaced by the two EdenPURE portable masterpieces had a safety guard in front of the coils, however, the protective dome like shield is metal, is heat conductive and is extremely hot to the touch, this posed problems to animals getting to close and required constant monitoring. The EdenPURE portable heater totally eliminated this difficult situation and provides the most wonderful source of evenly distributed heat imaginable!!! I've been searching for 31 years to find the best heater possible for our animals--and I finally did!!”
Jaqueline Delta,
Tourniquet Inc. Whitestone, NY

“Despite the variation in temperatures that we experienced this past winter and now even into spring we have found and are finding that the EdenPURE heater is doing an even better job then we had anticipated it would do in keeping the temperature even and comfortable for the cats in our rather modest-sized phase I building. When funding is available, we hope to purchase a second heater that, due to the design of the building, will help us to provide even better conditions as our program expands. The EdenPURE quartz infrared heater that we put into the shelter, moves easily at our touch, but was not at all a problem given the cat's activity. On the contrary, they enjoy using it as a favorite perch for that corner of the cabin and never has there been any hint of the surface of the heater being warmed. The built-in blower assures that the heat is disbursed around the cabin and, on warmer days, when the actual heat is seldom needed, it continues to keep air-flow moving comfortably. Happily and ironically, the size of the heater and its design allow that the initial heat expelled is just above the cat's heads, allowing that they are kept warmer than other heaters might provide; too, in the location that we chose for it, the water in their bowls did not freeze as it sometimes did on a very cold floor on the coldest of days before we put in the EdenPURE! We would easily recommend an EdenPURE quart infrared heater to anyone thinking of enhancing their personal or pet-related heating eqipment and, once more, we thank you so very much for the opportunity to use and enjoy this wonderful addition to our shelter.”
Lauren McBride & John McBride, Ouabache Valley Felines and Friends, Inc.
Terre Haute, IN

Air Purifier Reviews...
Testimonials of a few of the thousands of satisfied EdenPURE® customers

"I've purchased 5 of your EdenPURE air purifiers.I'm delighted with mine, the others I have given to our 3 daughters. I've set my EdenPURE on top of the refrigerator and I'm impressed with the quietness when it's on.It has caused me to sleep better at night. Also, I know it has helped my sinus condition. It removes every and all room odors - that part I truly love.
I love it!! I have never owned a room air purifier before. This EdenPURE is great!!"
Mrs. Pluma Litherland

"Before using your EdenPURE air purifier, I was getting up several times in the night with my air passages clogged up as I am suffering with asthma.
EdenPURE has helped me breathe better and with less medication, with their undesirable side effects.
The whole house smells clean and fresh, even the neighbors noticed. We have a lot of sand dust living at the beach on a peninsula between the ocean and the bay near Eureka, California in Humboldt Bay.
Even my dog is happier because I feel like playing with her more."
Thank you,
Marta F. Tennant

"I have spent years searching for an air filter system, air cleaner, air freshener or clean air device for our home. Four months ago an advertisement for the EdenPURE Air Purifier caught my eye and a purchase was made. Shortly thereafter, our EdenPURE Air Purifier arrived and, within minutes of operation, we were most pleasantly surprised by the fresh, clean, yet unusual aroma which permeated our home. Sneezing, the result of allergies, dust and pollen, has stopped and kitchen pollutants and odors, even from strong spices, have disappeared. The EdenPURE is operated constantly and the freshness it provides continues to amaze us as well as family and friends who visit our home.
We have been so pleased by the performance of the EdenPURE Air Purifier that we purchased one for each of our three children and their families. Additionally, two more were purchased for family friends at their request.
Thank you for your innovative and most effective air purifying system."
Arnold Garverick

"I have been enjoying the benefits of EdenPURE for approximately two months. It's wonderful. Our home has a damp basement - we have a problem with mildew! The EdenPURE has improved the air in our living area as well as our bedrooms. When we would enter our home you would smell a musty odor. That is a thing of the past since we have been using EdenPURE. Also, cooking and smoking and other household odors have been eliminated. We were impressed how quickly EdenPURE refreshed our home air. Thank you for a great product. I have tried several similar products - only EdenPURE has been satisfactory."
James Heskins

"I suffer from extremely dry eyes, and thought maybe the EdenPURE Air Purifier would help. It has been wonderful! I can breathe better and don't sneeze nearly as often. My eyes don't itch and feel as though there is dirt in them. Also, I don't dust as often (the television screen does not accumulate dust hardly at all). I have bought two additional purifiers for family members who are anxious to have their homes cleaner."
Dorothy Morvery

"My name is John Ravenscroft. I received my EdenPURE Air Purifier in July of this year. The first thing I noticed was that it took the smell of home permanent out of the house in a couple of hours. It took a week before. It works well with fish odors also. One of the best buys I have made this year."
A Happy Customer,
John Ravenscroft

"The EdenPURE Air Purifier keeps our cat's litter box fresh as a daisy."
David Genereaux,

"The EdenPURE has reduced the dust and animal dander in the air of our home. I noticed this because, before, I cleaned the blades of our ceiling fan one day and several days later I had to clean it again. I do not anymore. It reduces odors and leaves rooms smelling fresh. We enjoy eating fish. With the EdenPURE, our house no longer has that lingering fish smell. We also have two ferrets. Ferrets have a very distinct odor. The EdenPURE is the only thing that has ever taken the odor of the ferrets away from the room where they live. I love the fresh smell of the air throughout our home."
Thank you,
Chris Mckenna

"We have had our EdenPURE Air Purifier for about two months. After the first week I noticed that the house had a really clean smell. It didn't smell bad before but we have two cats, a dog and two litter boxes so we really had to work at keeping bad odors away. Now it just smells nice all the time. I have allergies and my eyes used to burn, itch and cry quite often. That hasn't happened since we purchased the first unit. We have a pretty big house so when we saw how well it worked we purchased a second unit. I would highly recommend this unit especially for people with allergies."
Judy A. Taylor

"My assistant and I moved into a new office in the fall. We spent the entire winter and early spring passing a respiratory infection back and forth. After placing the EdenPURE in the office, within days all the coughing and sneezing stopped. I am going to buy one for my bedroom next. "

Petoskey, MI

"My daughter’s nose ran every single day. The product states that it will take a couple of weeks to see results. My daughter’s runny nose was gone within three hours of plugging in the EdenPURE. The runny nose has not came back. That was over a month ago. Well worth the price if anyone in your house suffers from allergies."

Grayson, GA

"I purchased an EdenPURE because the mold counts are always high in my city and I am sensitive to them. I take a number of prescription and (former prescription - now generic) medications on a daily basis year-round. Using EdenPURE has produced a major reduction in my symptoms. There is a major improvement in my comfort and I am very, very happy with the EdenPURE and the relief it provides."

Austin, Texas

"I just purchased 3 more of your EdenPURE products. Last month I bought one unit to see how it worked. My allergies are a lot better since I purchased your unit. I have no more itchy, burning watery eyes, and no more runny nose. I just wish I could take it outside with me when I go out. Your unit is the only unit that has made my allergies symptoms a lot better, after trying so many other products that never helped. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. "

Linden, NJ

"I love my EdenPUREs. I have one in each bedroom and one in the kitchen and hope to get at least one or two more for the living room and basement area. We cleaned our kitchen ourselves with the help of EdenPURE, the post test came back with no fungi detected. Even remediators tell you if they remediate the spore count will go down but the post test will more than likely still show some spores as it can’t be eliminated completely. I guess they haven’t heard about EdenPURE. It certainly lives up to its reputation and there definitely are no mold spores in this kitchen. I even did a couple of swab tests on my own to double check and they also came back completely clean. In addition, my husband used to snore terribly at night and since EdenPURE has been in the bedroom I noticed I am sleeping better as his snoring has gotten less and less and now has actually stopped. Whatever was causing the stuffy nose which led to the snoring has been eliminated. I presume whatever allergen was causing this was wiped out by EdenPURE." Everyone should have at least one in their home. Thank you EdenPURE.


"I have been battling sinus infections for over 4 years, in less than 24 hours the difference in how I can breathe is amazing. "

Lenore, TN

"We love our air filter and want to buy another one. One for upstairs and kitchen and one for living room. It works great, I will be ordering another one right away. Then I will start saving for 2 more."
Everyone should have at least one in their home.

Gilchrist, OR

"I bought the EdenPURE primarily to reduce or eliminate the amount of dust in the air. I would dust furniture and blinds one day and the next day it was like I never dusted. The EdenPURE seems like its pretty much eliminated that problem."

Royalton, MN

"I have only had the EdenPURE for two days but like it well enough to order a second one. "

Hayward, WI

All the testimonials are by actual EdenPURE® customers who volunteered their stories, and were given another EdenPURE® Air Purifier as thanks for their participation.

EnergyMizer Reviews...
From skeptic to believer!

“I have to say that I was skeptical at first that I would save any “real” money with the EnergyMizer®. I have a small two bedroom apartment right around 800 square feet and an average energy bill of around $80 per month. The cost of the EnergyMizer just didn’t seem to me, at the time, to outweigh itself with what I assumed I might save.
The first time I plugged the system in was around the end of a billing cycle. That following month just after the cycle, was ten dollars less than the month before; and I didn’t think much of the difference of $10 because at that time I didn’t realize how late in that month it was plugged in. I’m writing this letter after having the EnergyMizer now for five full months and my average is $30 per month and has not waivered one bit. I would highly recommend the EnergyMizer to anyone who may feel as I did, that their bill isn’t that high to really give this system a thought. My energy bills as they are today have paid for the cost of the unit and then some. I am very satisfied with my results after plugging in the EnergyMizer and will never go without them.”
Darryl W.,

Escondido, CA

“I purchased the Residential EnergyMizer System about 13 months ago and have been extremely impressed with the savings my family has seen over the last year. The average savings surpassed your written guarantee, averaging between the 10%-15% savings monthly. What is really impressive is the reduction of Kwh. I have seen as high as 500 Kwh reduction.
The knowledge that my family is living in a healthier environment is something you cannot put a price on. I have done my research on EMFs and the harmful effects to our health. I purchased the Ecotech Monitor as well just to see what our home was reading for the EMF count. One area registered as high as 550 EMFs. Once the EnergyMizer was plugged in and turned on, the EMF count went down to 22. Having a safer home is so important to me that I have also purchased EnergyMizers for my two older daughters and their families. They too are seeing significant savings.
Appreciation goes out to you and your staff for this energy saving piece of equipment. I respect that you have worked diligently to make the EnergyMizer affordable to everyone. This unit should be in every home!”
Jane H.

Gainesville, FL

“I have been using your residential EnergyMizer for some time now. It is apparent that since I installed it, my electric bills have gone down by quite a bit more than the guaranteed 8%. Very pleased. Recommend it to everyone with an electric bill.”
Richard B.,

Waxahachie, TX

“I did a small bench test today on the residential EnergyMizer. When applying the EnergyMizer, it reduced the current by 29% and held steady. This was done simply by plugging in the EnergyMizer into same receptacle as a drill press. I then checked amperage with unit off and again with unit on. You know how curious us electricians can be. Great first experience results.”
Mike V.,

Devine, TX

PureWash Reviews...
Seeing is believing!

“I cannot believe how much better pureWash® is compared to other solutions on the market. I did not think that the technology could be improved, but pureWash® took some of my colors and whites from a dingy color to a more vibrant color. I had sheets on my bed that had a fall color (tans, browns, yellows) and white and I thought they were looking good for the age of the sheets. But when I installed pureWash® and experienced how much more oxidation came out of the machine, I could not believe the results. The white part of the sheet came back to the original white color and even the colors came back to almost the original color.
The company who manufactures pureWash® did an excellent job with their new technology. I also love the EnzyMagic91 for spot control on laundry and household cleaning. Makes my surfaces in the house shine.”

Davis, IL

“I have to wash the boy's white baseball pants after every game. I must say that I was skeptical but much to my surprise the pants came out clean using pureWash® with only cold water and NO detergent. Amazing product.”

Paonia, CO

“We've been using pureWash® for approx. 1 1/2 months and I've noticed a few very interesting changes in my laundry as well as my personal health issues. First of all, I've been suffering for 4 1/2 years with hives. I noticed almost immediately that my flare-ups were reduced by approx. 75-80%. I have had some recently but I believe they are due to the dry heat when we have cold temperatures. When the laundry comes out of the washer, it has a wonderful, fresh smell.”
Cindi Perron,

Madison A/C & Heating, Inc.

“I really like not using detergent and not having it mess up our water resources. I also like the way our clothes smell and the fact that I am no longer using hot water. I don't think there is anything that I don't like about the pureWash®. My 17-year-old son came to me this week and said, "Mom, did you wash my white T-shirt in that new laundry thing?"
"Yes" [I said.]
"I think it is whiter, and the red mark that was on it is gone!"
Now when you get your 17-year-old son telling you his shirt is whiter and cleaner, then you really have something!”
Terri H.,

Ellicott City, MD

“My husband and I were skeptical that the pureWash would work as well as the washing method we had been using. But it did clean my cloth diapers and I actually believe it does a better job than my detergent. Plus, I don't have to wash out any detergent accumulation from the diapers. My diaper inserts, which were usually a little crisp, were softer using the pureWash technology. My husband liked the way it cleaned his clothes as well - even without using fabric softener!”
Maire P.

Columbia, MD

“I've done in excess of 5000 loads (probably closer to 10k) of laundry over this past 18 months. Donated clothes, linens, and Volunteers' laundry that has had every kind of contaminant, stain, mold, and sweat has come out without a complaint. We've saved 40 plus gaylords of clothing and linens that were on their way to the Rag Man. They had been left out in the rain, then stored in warm 120 degree plus trailers and were an incubator for mold and mildew. The smell vanished and they all came out spring fresh. I walked on 2 ft. mounds of laundry in my laundry room for 5 plus months attempting to save good clothes that had no place to go until our families had closets to put them in. I could never have afforded to do this if I'd had to buy detergent. They wouldn't have made it without the ozone generated cleaning. Our clothing give-a-ways were more than 9 months after the tornado and then another one 11 months out.”
Deb Kenny

“I own the pure wash system for my home. I can only say amazing when it comes to describing your product. The clothes are cleaner then they have ever been!! I truly think this product is spectacular and I am spreading the word!!! … My farmer uses it for his towels for his cows. I smelled them before and after, I then went and bought one. I can't tell you how clean this stuff is! Love it!!”
Rob Dunstone

“I hate all the chemicals and scents that are in regular detergent so for the past few years we've been using "green" detergents but sadly, they just didn't seem to get the wash as clean as the industrial stuff AND at twice the price, I was struggling to convince hubby (who does the bulk of the laundry) to soldier on... it just didn't make sense. I saw the pureWash system and I figured it would be worth a shot but I was half expecting to feel like a fool who got snookered once all was said and done.
Well, I'm shocked at how well this thing seems to be working! The clothes seem to be just as clean as with the natural detergents and maybe even better. Setup was a breeze and we've been using cold water only (as cold as you can get in FL) with no detergent aside from a little bit of borax on super dirty kids clothes. All in all, I'm very pleased!”

Fort Myers, FL

Amazon Customer Review
“My husband works in a tire plant and the black rubber tire dust that completely coats his work clothing is a REAL challenge to get clean. I had a virtual "Laundromat" in my basement, where I have 3 washers and 2 dryers. First I would soak his clothes in a 24 hour HOT soak with chemicals and detergents, removed the load and put them into a 2nd machine, where they would go through a wash and rinse with enzymes and oxy-clean, when that was finished I would put them into a 3rd machine (which was the "clean" machine) for a final rinse. When my friend suggested I take a load in to my local Maytag Store and have them run it through the pureWash® wash and rinse cycles to see if it could get them clean, I just laughed and shook my head. I took the load in and the Maytag shop ran it through with COLD water, NO chemicals, and NO detergents. I had told the sales woman that IF her PureWash machine cleaned these clothes, I WOULD buy it! Much to my amazement, the load came out as clean or more clean than all three days and cycles of my machines at home. Not only did I buy it, I also bought another Pure Wash for my normal clothes in the up-stairs machines . . . I thought it was too good to be true, so I washed about 10 loads of stuff the first day or two and everything turns out WONDERFUL. Sheets are fresh smelling like pure rain - hung out to dry. I found that just a tablespoon or two of a "green" detergent is all I need for even heavy soiled clothing and only have to spray pre-treat oil based stains. Thank you GreenTech!”
Penney B.,


“At the Huron Humane Society we do at least ten loads of laundry a day. A pureWash laundry system was donated to our facility approximately two weeks ago. Now, I will say I was a little skeptical at first, I mean our laundry is “very soiled” to put it mildly. We house up to 30 dogs and puppies and about 85 cats and kittens on any day. To put the system to the test I was asked to find some “really smelly” laundry. I chose several blankets that had been in a bag all day. The aroma almost knocked us over.... It only took ONE wash, the blankets seriously smelled like they had come from the clothesline. I will recommend this product to other shelters and also to my friends and family. It is eco-friendly and eliminates the cost of laundry soaps.”
Natalie Francis,

Huron Humane Society

“My husband and I own a farm and have heavily soiled clothes to wash almost daily. Using the pureWash Laundry System I no longer use hot water and little to no detergent and my clothes come out clean and smelling fresh. My husband also has skin sensitivities and with the pureWash I no longer have to buy expensive hypo-allergenic detergents.”

Tawas City, Michigan

ScaleRID Reviews...
From skeptic to believer!

“The ScaleRID has helped my plumbing tremendously. It has cleaned out the build-up on all my faucets. There is no more residue on my sinks in my home and, most importantly, not in my coffee pots. I am a very satisfied customer.”
Mrs. Wagner,


“The product is very wonderful. There is no more build-up on any of my shower heads. They are no longer plugging up like they did in the past from all the years of build-up. I have only had the product for several months, however I am very satisfied with the results so far and can’t wait to see what the future brings with this product.”
Mr. Finch,


“Our water is much cleaner and we get more suds when we do laundry and dishes. Also, the unit is very easy to install. I would recommend this unit to many more friends since I already had 2 more people call in and order this product on my recommendation.”
Mr. Sousoures,