Do Cordless Vacuums Have Enough Power?

Do Cordless Vacuums Have Enough Power?

While cordless vacuums have certainly made a rise in popularity since they hit the market one thing remains the same, people are unsure if they can deliver. The biggest concern being how much suction power they have and if they really will clean up messes.

The idea that cordless vacuums do not have strong enough suction is that people believe batteries can't match the power an outlet provides. However the power a vacuum receives from a battery can create just as powerful of suction as a regular vacuum.

You see an outlet in home is not stronger. A vacuum can only take in so much energy at a time whether it is from an outlet or a battery. This isn’t to say that every cordless vacuum can compete with a traditional corded option. However, a battery that has sufficient voltage can supply the same amount of power. 

Now we can’t talk about suction power without mentioning battery life. Since the battery of a cordless vacuum is what determines its suction power you will have to work within that time frame.

While this may seem daunting, finishing the task of vacuuming before the battery dies shouldn’t be a problem. As I stated before, a cordless option with a battery that supplies sufficient voltage is able to clean up messes just as effectively as a corded option. But with an added bonus… you will be able to vacuum even faster because you do not have to worry about moving the cord around furniture or switching it to different outlets as you go!

Cordless vacuums are a great hassle free alternative to corded vacuums. With that being said, it is also important to do your homework. You shouldn’t just go for any cordless vacuum. Especially if the price seems too good to be true because those options will likely not live up to your needs for vacuuming.

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