Where Should I Place My Infrared Heater for the Best Results?

Where Should I Place My Infrared Heater for the Best Results?

Infrared heaters are a great way to heat your home while saving money. However just buying the best heater doesn’t mean you’re all set. There’s another factor that plays an important role in how well your home is heated. You must place your heater in the most suitable location for the best results.

You may be thinking, “that’s silly, all I need to do is have the heater next to me and I’ll be warm”. While this is true you will also be neglecting the true beauty behind an infrared heater. It’s ability to evenly heat an entire room.

Its All About Location

Let’s start with why proper placement is so important for infrared heaters. Unlike traditional heaters that just blow out hot air, infrared heats objects directly. While this technology makes for a much more efficient heating solution; you also need to place the heater in a position that will hit the greatest area in the room.

Place in areas with the least blockage

Place in areas that do not have objects or walls in the heaters path. If your heater is too close to objects or walls, the flow of infrared heat will be cut off.

For instance if you place your heater behind a seating area with a couch, you are going to diminish the heating effect. With it placed there you would already be losing some heat that is cut off by the furniture before it reaches you.

Another area to avoid would be an alcove. Being pinched between two walls would immediately lessen the heated area to only be straight out from the heater.

Put a priority on the most used section of the room

You want to take into account where people will be gathered in the room. For instance if we are talking about your living room, it makes sense to focus on the area where people will be seated. So the ideal place to put your heater would be against a wall facing towards the seating area while giving it an open space to travel trough. This will allow the infrared rays to disperse and travel throughout the room making it as evenly heated as possible.

However, it’s important to remember that heaters typically have the air intake on the back of the unit. For these you will need some space, about a foot, between the unit and the wall. While some heaters, like the GEN21, have the air intake on the front so they can go right up against a wall.

With these tips in mind you can now enjoy using your infrared heater to its full potential. Remember to step back and really look at the room it is being used in and find the open areas that will allow the heat to evenly distribute.

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