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The EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Quick Fix

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by Jane Hanford 

     Do you have pain?

     EdenPURE®, the world leader in innovative products for the home, has the quick fix.

     EdenPURE® has developed EdenPURE® PainNOT® Pain Cream. It’s the best pain cream on the market.

     EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Cream is pharmaceutical grade. It relieves pain in 7 ways.

     Most prescription pain pills are addictive and can cause serious health problems. EdenPURE PainNOT Pharmaceutical Grade Pain Cream is prescription strength, is not addictive and does not cause health problems.

     EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Cream instantly relieves pain from arthritis, joints, muscles, sports injuries and hard jobs. It penetrates through the skin to the muscles, blood vessels, joints and bones to relieve pain, tension and blood pressure.

     With EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Cream you will also be much more flexible so you can do much more physical activity.

Customers rave about the EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Cream

• “My name is Jeff Hall. I had extreme pain due to Osteoarthritis. I tried every prescription and over the counter medication to try and stop the constant pain. Nothing worked. Someone suggested I try Edenpure PainNOT Pain Cream. Within a couple of minutes of rubbing it on my hands, the pain diminished. It also helped with my back pain like nothing I’d ever tried before.” – Jeffrey L. Hall

• “I’ve suffered with lower back pain for years. I’ve been to the doctor for adjustments but the nagging pain always comes back. Using your EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Cream has made a world of difference. When the pain starts I just rub some on and it quickly knocks down the aching.” – Harold R.

• “My name is Denise Parks. I have suffered from chronic pain for 10 years. I tried the EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Cream which eliminates the pain in my shoulder and knee with arthritis and decreased the amount of pain in my back from a constant 8 to a 4 and it works quickly. It also helps with leg cramps. This pain cream is awesome!”

• With the change in the weather my joints act up and are so painful I don’t want to move. I started using your EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Cream and what a difference it’s made. I can feel the soothing warming sensation and I’m able to do my regular activities. Thank you!! – Patty W.

• I’m getting older and now my hands get so stiff and sore it’s hard to even pick things up even a pen to write a letter or card. My daughter brought me your EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Cream for me to use. I have to say I was hesitant to try it. My daughter explained how it is different and how it could help so I tried it. I can’t believe THE DIFFERENCE it made. Now my husband uses it too.

– Thank you. Betty & Jim H.

• My name is Linda Woodlock. I am 67 years old and aches and pain are a part of life. I used the EdenPURE PainNOT Pain Cream and it works to alleviate the pain. I have used it on my shoulders after working all day and my hips. It does dull and alleviate the pain.

Here’s how to get a big rebate on EdenPURE® PainNOT® Pain Cream

     Today, you can get EdenPURE® PainNOT® Pharmaceutical Grade Pain Cream with a large rebate. The regular price per 30-day supply tube is $79.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling for a total of $85.00. You get a $20 rebate on 1 tube which is a 30-day supply, a $50.00 rebate on 2 tubes which is a 60-day supply, and a $90 rebate on 3 tubes which is a 90-day supply and FREE shipping. Your price is then $59 for a 30-day supply; $108 for 2 tubes, a 60-day supply ($54 each); and $147 for 3 tubes, a 90-day supply ($49 each).

     But you must act fast in order to claim this Rebate. After 7 days we reserve the right to accept or reject the order at the Rebate price.

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