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Real wood cabinet looks amazing in any home and reduces fan noise.

EdenPURE® GEN30 Elite Infrared Heater

EdenPURE® GEN30 Elite Infrared Heater

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The new EdenPURE® GEN30 Elite Infrared Heater and Air Purifier heats 50% better than past EdenPURE® heaters. It reduces your heating bills 50% more. It has both far infrared bulb heat and solid state PTC infrared heat. The quartz infrared bulb provides far infrared heat. Far infrared heat heats all of the objects in a room which creates more lasting heat. Solid State PTC Infrared Heat creates infrared heat at a very high efficiency. It also gives off a different spectrum of far infrared waves that are beneficial.

The advanced blower is the most quiet ever produced to date by EdenPURE®. It has ball bearings and a high pressure low noise blower to run much quieter. It moves more air than fans. Fans only have 3 to 5 blades. The EdenPURE® GEN30 blower has dense fins which puts out over 300% more air volume, yet is much quieter.

The EdenPURE® GEN30 Elite also purifies the air, which will protect you from harmful pollutants including those from the wildfires.

The cabinet is made of real wood. This provides a great decor piece. It also adds insulation and noise insulation so the fan noise is even quieter than with metal cabinets.

The thermostat is far advanced. It checks temperature constantly. Old thermostats only checked temperature every 30 minutes.

It also will vary the heat power from 1,000 watts to 1,500 watts depending on the need for heat. This also saves you much more money on your heating bills.

Overall, the components of the EdenPURE® GEN30 Elite are all much more durable and reliable.

The EdenPURE® GEN30 Elite will make you feel much warmer, relieve you from fan noise and save you a lot more money on your heating bills. And, it will give you a beautiful furniture piece. It will pay for itself many times more than your old heater.


• Dimensions: 10.35”(W) x 11.46”(D) x 14.29”(H)
• 16.5 pounds
• 1500 Watts
• Remote included
• UL Listed
• Amps: 12.5
• Electric Cord: 6 feet
• Made in China

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