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NitroForce T1000 Ultra Home Gym

NitroForce T1000 Ultra Home Gym

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Our Promise

EdenPURE® guarantees your satisfication with all of our flagship products and is backed by our 30-day No-Questions-Asked Return Guarantee.

Trusted since 2005, EdenPURE promises competitive prices, unparalleled service, and integrity throughout your journey.


Are you looking for the ultimate fitness trainer? Then look no further than the NitroForce T1000. It is not only known worldwide as “The world’s most powerful home gym” but sets the standard for personal fitness devices by being the most versatile training platform ever conceived.

Whether you are just getting involved in fitness, a fitness buff, or MMA fighter, the NitroForce T1000 is the trainer for you! From basic exercises for the beginners, to complex full body movements for pro athletes, the NitroForce T1000 has pushing and pulling forces with angles that no other piece of exercise equipment can duplicate. NitroForce Industries is taking fitness training, home exercise equipment, and gym machines to the next level by increasing the body’s ability to produce speed, power, reaction time, agility, and movement coordination far beyond what existing equipment provides. High-speed movements can now be mixed and combined safely with very high resistance.

The Nitroforce Titan 1000 Ultra Gym Questions and Answers and Major Benefits

The emphasis of the NitroForce T1000 is on muscular STIMULATION, instead of muscular ANNIHILATION ... shifting the metabolism to increased anabolism and reductions in catabolism, “more gain, less pain”. The T1000 means more benefits, more fitness, more weight loss, more muscle, more RESULTS!

The NitroForce T1000 Ultra Home Gym is the world’s most powerful gym.  It provides the best Short Intense Resistance (SIR) exercise. It burns 5.38 times more calories and fat than aerobic exercises like treadmills and exercise bikes. It is perfect for every exercise purpose, including heavy muscle building for men, moderate muscle building for women, and safe muscle building for seniors and disabled people.

Muscle mass is the most important factor to good health. The NitroForce T1000 Ultra Gym uses SIR exercise training with both resistance exercise and aerobic exercise at the same time. This high-tech exercise routine can be done on the world’s first portable full gym. It weighs only 170 pounds.

The NitroForce T1000 Ultra Gym is also the world’s most powerful gym. It provides resistance from 5 lbs. to 1000 lbs. in 5 lb. increments.

The NitroForce T1000 Ultra Gym also provides the best form of resistance. It provides full-motion, 2-way resistance using nitrogen gas. This type of resistance does not cause muscle soreness like free weights and weight plate machines. It also does not cause injuries like free weights and weight plate machines.

The workouts only take 20 minutes, 3 times a week for a total of only 1 hour a week. This 1 hour a week of SIR Exercise provides more health, fitness and weight loss benefits than 5 hours a week of typical exercise such as treadmill running or exercise bike pedaling.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. The NitroForce T1000 Ultra Gym has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied after 30 days, you may request and receive every cent of your purchase price back, no questions asked.

The NitroForce T1000 Ultra Gym comes with a training video that provides you with Certified Personal Trainers Frank Campitelli and Debrae Barensfeld as your Personal Trainers.

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