Top 10 Benefits of Using an Infrared Heater

Top 10 Benefits of Using an Infrared Heater

When it comes to heating your home it is important to know all of your options and what they have to offer. Whether you’re worried about cost, quality or safety you can never have too much information before making your decision.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to choose a heater that only checks off your highest priority. You may come to realize that an infrared heater can provide you with solutions to many of your top concerns.

This article will explain the top benefits of using infrared heating in your home.



1.) Body Penetrating Heat

The problem with conventional heaters is that they merely heat the air around you, which only warms you at the surface, not actually warming your body.

A benefit of infrared heating is that it does not waste time and energy heating the air around you. Rather it heats the objects in a room. This allows it to heat your body to its core, providing you with a unique and comfortable warmth throughout your body.

2.) Provides Instant Heat

A by-product of our first benefit, body-penetrating heat, instant heat is a welcoming advantage to owning an infrared heater. Simply heating the air in a room can take time leaving your home cold while you wait for a conventional heater to warm up. But thanks to infrareds ability to heat objects you will notice its warming sensation almost immediately.

Not only does this provide you with the luxury of experiencing the warmth you desire immediately, this will also save you money. Since they provide instant heat, there is no need to turn on the heater before it is needed. This will allow you to run the heater less frequently, further reducing the cost to heat your home.

3.) No Dry Heat

One of the biggest problems with heaters is that they draw moisture out of the air. This can cause many unwanted side effects such as a dry throat and nose or itchy eyes. But thanks to infrared technology you no longer have to put up with such side effects. Their ability to produce a heat that does not draw moisture out of the air makes them a sought after choice in space heating.

4.) Evenly Heats Entire Room

Another main benefit to using infrared heaters is their ability to heat an entire room evenly. This is because it is not simply blowing air into the room, rather it send out infrared heat that will continue moving until it runs into an object that then absorbs it.

This ensures that there will be no cold spots. Unlike with convection heating which blows warm air into a room, which then rises to cooler areas, making it very unlikely to have a room with no cold spots.

5.) Safe to Use

A big question with space heaters is are they safe? No one wants to put something in their home that is potentially dangerous. However, this answer will vary depending on the type of heater in question.

When it comes to infrared heaters, the answer is a resounding yes. This is largely due to one key difference it has from conventional heaters. The core temperature of a conventional heater can reach high levels, increasing the risk of starting a fire. Whereas an infrared heaters core temperature stays much lower.

6.) 100% Natural Heat

You can’t beat the feeling of warmth when the sun is shining on your skin and that is exactly what you get with infrared heaters. They do not warm up the air and spit it back out into the room. Rather, they send out rays that are absorbed by objects in the room.

This is the same kid of heat that is produced by the sun, without the harmful UV rays. This sets infrared apart from conventional heaters because you are not left sitting in a dry and stuffy room. Instead, you feel the gentle sensation of a warm summers day.

7.) Saves You Money

When it comes to heating a home the cost can be unsettling. One of the benefits of using an infrared heater is that it can save you a ton of money. In fact, it can cut your heating bills in half!

This is by using a method known as zone heating. By using infrared heaters to heat specific rooms in your home, ones that are used the most; you are able to lower the temperature of your thermostat. This will keep the high traffic areas of your home at a comfortable temperature while not having to heat the entire house.

Both homes set at the same temperature

House with Heating Zones
Home With Zone Heating
House with Heating Zones
Home Without Zone Heating

8.) Energy Efficient

A typical concern when choosing a space heater is how much energy they will use. This is another area where infrared beats out conventional heaters. They are much more efficient compared to other forms of electrical heating. A typical infrared heater uses 40% less energy than traditional forms.

Since they are heating objects directly rather than the entire room the heater doesn’t have to be on nearly as much as others. This combined with its low energy usage are the perfect way to save money. You will use less electricity running it and can cut back the amount of time you have a heater running in your home.

9.) Minimal Maintenance

Another benefit to using infrared heaters is the extremely low amount of maintenance needed to keep them functioning long-term. This is because they do not contain many moving parts. With so little moving parts, you do not have to spend time and money replacing multiple parts of the heater throughout its lifetime.

The extent of infrared heater maintenance is fairly simple. The big thing to keep on top of is wiping away and dirt or dust with a damp soft cloth, storing it properly when it is put away seasonal and cleaning the filter if it has one. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

10.) Silent Heating

Since space heaters are often used in areas where noise is a concern such as bedrooms and family rooms, finding a quiet heater can make all the difference. Whether your watching your favorite show, reading a good book or trying to sleep the last thing you want is a loud continuous noise distracting you.

Infrared heaters are designed to accommodate this request for no distractions. This is thanks to them being built with so few moving parts. Without dozens of parts constantly moving to heat the room they run almost silent, leaving you distraction free.

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