How To Locate Model and Serial Numbers


  • The primary product label is located on the rear of the heater. You will find both the model and serial numbers here.

  • All heaters have a serial number and most of them start with a letter.

  • Serial numbers never include the letter "O".



  • The fireplace models primary product label is on the side of the product which will display the model number.

  • The serial number is located on the upper rear of the unit. This label has ten characters that represent the serial number i.e., 08xxxxxxxx.

  • Serial numbers never include the letter "O".


Air Purifiers

  • Some Air Purifiers do not have a product model or serial number that needs referenced. However, if present, the numbers will be located on the primary product label which is usually located on the rear or bottom of the product.

  • Serial numbers never include the letter "O".




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