Are Infrared Heaters Safe for Children and Pets?

If you have been searching for lower cost heating options for your home you have no doubt come across infrared heaters. And while you may be hoping to make the switch and begin experiencing all the great benefits they offer, you want to make sure they are safe for homes with children or pets.


What makes them safe around children and pets?

Infrared heaters can be equipped with numerous safety features that make them perfect for any home. For now let’s focus on the ones that make them so well suited for homes with children and pets.

No exposed heating elements

This feature is a no brainer for a heating being used around children and pets. They are naturally curious and learn by touching and investigating items. With exposed heating elements comes the risk of painful burns. That is why this feature is so important in any home that has children or pets.

Tip-Over Sensor

This feature is a great addition for heaters in home with children and pets. As a parent you are no stranger to children playing and running throughout the house. So I don’t need to tell you about the accidental bump into furniture and knocking things over. Thanks to this feature you don’t have to worry about potential fire hazards since the heater will immediately shut off if tipped over.

For the animal lovers, you must already realize how important this feature is. No one needs to explain to you the tendencies of dog that has the uncontrollable urge to sprint around the house until they’ve exhausted themselves. As for cats, well I think we all know how their curious behaviors seem to result in things being knocked over.


It is always important to know what safety features are available when purchasing an infrared heater. This importance grows exponentially when children and pets are added into the mix. So take the information provided here and make an informed decision when picking out your infrared heater.

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