Save On Your Heating Bills Using Zone Heating

Save On Your Heating Bills Using Zone Heating

Wondering how you can save money while heating your home this winter? If so you have probably come across the method of zone heating in your research. Whether you are familiar with it or not, this article will explain what zone heating is, how it saves you money and why using an infrared heater is the most efficient way to heat your home while using this method.

Heating bills can be wildly expensive. That is why in the past you have always had to choose between a comfortably heated home or being cold while saving money. But luckily times have changed and it's time for you to join everyone else in the money saving secret known as zone heating.

Lets take a look at zone heating and why everyone should be doing it.

What is zone heating?

Zone heating is a method in which you only heat specific ares of your house. To maximize the benefits of zone heating, you want to only heat the rooms of your home that are used most. Heating your entire home is the quickest way to watch your bills skyrocket.

At this point you may be thinking, "I can't just pick and choose which areas of my HVAC system heats". While this is true, we have the solution for you and it's space heaters. By placing space heaters in specific rooms, such as your living room and bedrooms, you no longer have to waste money by heating rooms that are not in use.

Both Homes Set at the Same Temperature

House with Heating Zones
Home With Zone Heating
House with Heating Zones
Home Without Zone Heating

How does zone heating save you money?

The reason zone heating saves you money is because you are no longer heating rooms that are not in use. Using infrared heaters in the desired ares will allow you to turn down your furnace thermostat, saving you money throughout the winter.

So let's say you prefer to have your home heated to 80 degrees during the winter. This is obviously going to make your heating bill rise. But thanks to using infrared heaters in specific rooms, you are now able to turn the settings on your heating system way down. This is where you will see the savings accumulate.

You can turn your furnace thermostat down to 65 degrees and heat specific rooms with a space heater up to 80 degrees. Running your furnace during the winter months can cost you $1000 or more. But even if you ran a space heater all day, this would only cost you a few dollars per day to keep your home comfortable heated.

By zone heating your home with infrared heaters you can cut your heating bills in half. Infrared heaters are known for being energy efficient. In fact, a typical infrared heater 40% less energy than traditional forms. This means you can rest easy not worrying about electricity bills spiking from heater usage.

Using infrared heaters for zone heating

When using space heaters in your home, infrared heaters can't be beat. Unlike conventional heaters they do not heat the air in a room, rather they heat objects directly. This form of heating provides an instant heat, which will help you save even more money. This is because you do not need to turn on the heater prior to a rooms use to warm it up.

In fact you can run infrared heaters far less than you would other space heaters. Since they are heating objects directly they do not waste time and energy heating the air in the room. This means they do not have to be on nearly as much as other heaters.

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