Heating Bills to Skyrocket, Major Shortage of EdenPURE Heaters

     Your heating bills are predicted to skyrocket this fall and winter due to high energy costs.

     If you think gasoline prices are bad, wait until you see your heating bills.

     EdenPURE® Heaters will slash your heating bills. EdenPURE® Heaters heat for 30% less energy than your furnace.

     Also, you can turn the temperature way down in your house and still be cozy warm in a room with your EdenPURE® Heater. This will save you a lot more.

     Customers Love their EdenPURE® heaters, especially the new advanced ones that put out much more heat and save over 50% more on heating bills.

     Your furnace puts out miserable heat. It gets to a combustible temperature so it burns up oxygen and humidity. This causes you to be drowsy, have dry skin and breathing problems. Furnace heat goes straight up to the ceiling so you have cold feet and chills.

     EdenPURE® Heaters provide the ultimate comfortable and healthy heat.

     The far infrared heat source does not get to a combustible temperature so it does not burn up oxygen and humidity. It radiates heat so your room is heated evenly, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. So you will have bone-warming heavenly heat, warm feet and moist oxygen rich air.

     EdenPURE® Heaters are safe around children and pets and have no exposed heating elements that can start a fire. The far infrared waves provide health benefits. Pets sense this and are attracted to EdenPURE® Heaters.

EdenPURE Heater Shortage - Get Yours Now

     But EdenPURE® was only able to get a small supply of heaters this season because of supply shortages.

     We may not be able to get more.

     You can get yours now before the supply is gone if you act quickly.

     The supply includes the advanced GEN21, GEN40 and Classic Heaters. These advanced heaters put out much more heat that past EdenPURE® Heaters and will save you over 50% more on your heating bills.

     The following is the very limited supply of the new advanced EdenPURE® heaters that we have for the coming season along with our preferred customer discount.

     Inflation has caused the cost to produce EdenPURE® heaters to rise sharply. We are keeping the prices the same for this limited supply. But the future prices of EdenPURE® Heater will likely be a lot more.

     IMPORTANT: Because of the major heater shortage there is a strict limit of 2 heaters per customer - no exceptions please.

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