New High-Tech Heater/Cooler puts out 78% more heat than old big box heaters 7 times its size

Slashes heating and cooling bills

Breakthrough heating technology gives you MORE heat with less electricity

"The popularity of our old Super Buddy Personal Heater inspired this year's hottest selling heater" 

- EdenPURE® Quality Control Representative

     EdenPURE® has developed the new, high-tech 2022 Mighty Mini Heater/Cooler. It will slash your heating and cooling bills. 

     The Mighty Mini uses NASA technology that makes small appliances much more powerful than large appliances. The Mighty Mini puts out 78% more direct heat than the old-style, big box heaters that are 7 times its size. 

      The Mighty Mini puts out bone-warming, “Heavenly Heat” like a roaring fireplace that warms you much quicker than the old-style, big box heaters.

The Mighty Mini also has a cooling mode with a wind chill of -6 degrees to reduce cooling bills.

Guaranteed to Save Money on Heating Bills

Here is a summary of the major benefits of the EdenPURE® Mighty Mini Heater/Cooler

• Heats up to 1,000 square feet.

• Weighs only 4 pounds whereas old-style, big box heaters weighed 35 pounds.

• Has a more durable, solid-state, far infrared heating source, so there are no bulbs to burn out.

• The far infrared heat provides beneficial waves that promote better health.

• Has no exposed heat elements to start a fire and has a bladeless fan so it is safe for children and pets.

• Heats evenly, wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

• The far infrared heat source does not reduce humidity or oxygen.

• Has side-to-side swivel feature which provides wide area direct heat and direct cooling. You can turn it on or off.

Try the EdenPURE® Mighty Mini Infrared Heater Risk FREE for 30 Days

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