New NASA Space Station Heater gives 50% more heat than heater 7 times its size

The Popular EdenPURE GEN40 Hybrid Heater

Heats a Home BETTER Than Your Current Furnace, Boiler, Baseboard Heat AND Other Space Heaters

Uses Infrared AND Convective Heat to Slash Heating Bills

  • Slashes Heating Bills

  • Heats Better Than a Furnace

  • Hybrid Heating System
    Infrared AND Convective

  • Heats 50% Better

  • Increases Felt Warmth

  • Multiple Safety Shutoffs

  • Rapid & Even Heating

  • Built-in Timer

     EdenPURE's popular GEN40 Super Heater-Cooler. It has NASA Space Station micro technology to produce super power from a small compact unit.The 5 lb. GEN40 Super Heater-Cooler produces 50% more heat than the big box heaters that are 7 times its size and weigh 35 lbs. It produces more heat than all 110v infrared heaters on the market.

     Sitting in front of the GEN40 feels like you are sitting in front of a roaring fireplace. It quickly warms you to the bone.The GEN40 infrared heat generator has advanced micro solid state technology. It also produces infrared waves that provide deep penetrating heat you can really feel.

     The GEN40 produces high heat but it has multiple safety features and is safe around children and pets.The GEN40 runs super quiet so it is perfect for bedrooms, college dorms and offices.

     The GEN40 heats the room evenly, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Conventional heating collects heat in the ceiling and the floor is 7° to 10° colder. This also gives you cold feet.

     You will get healthy, even heat with the GEN40 and no more cold feet. The GEN40 also has a cooling mode to cool you in the summer. The GEN40 also has an oscillation feature that moves it up and down and side to side so it covers a wide area with roaring fireplace type heat in minutes and cooling in seconds. It also has a no oscillation mode. It has a selection of 2 heat levels, low and high.

     The GEN40 will cut your heating bills 50% more than past EdenPURE® heaters. It will also cut your air conditioning bills in the summer. The GEN40 solid state heat generation will last virtually forever. There are no bulbs to burn out like past EdenPURE® heaters. It heats up to a 1,000 sq. ft. area.

GEN40 works to bring you complete warmth and comfort while saving you money

     The end of expensive, inefficient furnaces and boilers to keep warm in the winter is finally here.

     EdenPURE® engineers are excited to announce a new home heating system that uses 2 forms of heat in one space heater called the EdenPURE® GEN40 Hybrid Heater.

Better Than a Furnace

     An advanced heating engineer team has managed to combine an infrared heating system AND a convective heating system into one space heater.

     These 2 technologies work together to heat a home BETTER than your current furnace, boiler, base board heat AND other space heaters.

     By using 2 forms of heating technology to heat a room, the GEN40 Hybrid Heater makes you feel warmer AND reduces your heating bills.

saves money

     It uses Infrared Heat AND Convective Heat to warm a room. Most space heaters only use one form of heat which isn’t as efficient, leaving you cold and wasting money.

     Infrared heat works by directly heating objects in a room, so your body gets heated directly, so you get bone soothing warmth.

     While Convective heat works by heating the air, which THEN warms you. This gives you an even warmer feeling as ALL the air in the room you are in is warm, surrounding you in a blanket of heated air.

     And since infrared and convective heat heats EVERYTHING in a room, the air AND objects, you get surrounded and directly warmed up. That’s why this kind of heating technology will eventually phase out furnaces and boilers, saving you money.

heats 50% better

     Engineers have found that this new hybrid heater actually heats 50% BETTER than heaters using only one form of heat.

     You see, furnaces, boilers, and base board heat ONLY use 1 form of heating to keep you and your home warm.

     But by combining the benefits of infrared AND convective heat into the GEN40 Heater you get the best of both forms of heating technology that you can’t get anywhere else.

Increases felt warmth

     And, you actually FEEL warmer with infrared AND convective heat than with just heat coming from a furnace.

     You see, infrared heat directly heats objects in a room, so your body is directly heated. This gives you deep, bone soothing warmth. While convective heat, heats the air, surrounding you with a blanket of warm cozy, heated air!

Directional Airflow Creates Even Heating that Rapidly Fills an Entire Room 

Swings 45 Degrees

Tilts 45 Degrees

The EdenPURE GEN40 Hybrid Heater can oscillate side to side AND automatically tilts up and down to provide even heating or fan-only air circulation. This unique airflow pattern engulfs an entire room quickly in the most efficient way for rapid coverage. This gives you warmth faster than your furnace can provide and even air circulation on fan-only mode for a refreshing, cooling effect. Or you can leave this movement off for direct air flow of heat or cooling fan right on you.

Never Be Cold Again®