Bad Odors in Your Home?

It could be time to take action

Like the canary in the coal mine, the smell of your home could be an indicator to take action.

You see, coal miners used canaries in mines as an early warning of danger to test for carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. If a canary would die, the miners knew to take immediate action to get out of the mine quickly. 

While we don't have to worry so much about toxic gases in our homes, we do have to worry about stinky odors. We live in our tightly sealed homes and bad smells from pets, trash and daily living can quickly start to build up. 

In fact, if your home is older than 10 years old, there is a good chance you have a musty odor in your home that needs addressed.

Don't Just Cover Up Odors-
Stop Them Before They Start

As a home ages, the paint on your walls and ceiling, along with your carpet, soak up all the smells from inside your home. Everything from pet urine, litter box, smoking, chemical fumes, and cooking smells. After time, this creates a super breeding ground of musty, moldy smells. 

And since you are in your home every day you have gotten used to it so you don’t even smell it! But I assure you that when people come into your home, they smell this problem. Maybe it's even causing your friends and family to come over less than they normally would! 

Odor cover-up sprays only mask the problem by not addressing the cause of the foul odor in your home.

What do you think breathing in musty foul air does to your lungs and your health? But engineers have developed an air purifier that not only destroys bacteria, viruses and mold; it also destroys the worst odors!

Bad odors in your home can build up quickly. Air fresheners and candles just mask the problem. You have to eliminate the odors so you aren't breathing them in.

Improve home air quality and get rid of any odor

No filters to replace so you save money

Called the EdenPURE® OxiLeaf® II Thunderstorm®, this breakthrough air purifier actually freshens your home by completely eliminating odors while killing bacteria, viruses and mold.

The EdenPURE® OxiLeaf® II sends out O3 molecules into the air which seek out unbearable smells and other pollutants in your home and destroys them! This technology even behind objects and under furniture, nothing can escape the OxiLeaf.

These O3 molecules bind with the pollutants and cause them to break up on a microscopic level. This process eliminates musty, moldy odors ... making the pollutants harmless to you and your family. These O3 molecules are completely natural and are produced in nature by the sun and after thunderstorms The OxiLeaf® II freshens, energizes and purifies the air you breathe in your home leading to good health.

Large, expensive air purifiers can’t match the power and technology that is packed into the compact EdenPURE OxiLeaf® II. Not only are large air purifiers noisy, but they also take up a lot of room. The whole OxiLeaf® unit plugs directly into the wall so it doesn’t take up any floor space and it runs almost silent. And other air purifiers require constant air filter replacements which cost you hundreds of dollars EVERY year. The OxiLeaf® requires NO filters so you save money year after year while you get clean, purified air. Just plug it in and forget about it!

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OxiLeaf® II Thunderstorm® Air Purifier

New unit is 100 times better than HEPA air purifier 20 times its size

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  • Fight Odors
  • Kill Bacteria and Viruses
  • Help Relieve Allergies


Fights Allergies

Removes Smoke

Kills Mold & Germs

Neutralizes Pet Odor

Uses Proven Technology that Hospitals Use to Clean and Sanitize a Room of Viruses & Bacteria

What Kinds of Viruses & Bacteria Can this Technology Kill?

Flu Symptoms



Coughing and Respiratory Issues


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Sore Throat and Irriation

Strep Throat

Streptococcal Pharynagitis

Viruses and Bacteria

And Many More Viruses & Bacteria

Did You Know Dust Mites Are the Likely Cause of Your Allergies?

If You Have Any of the Symptoms Below You Are Probably Allergic to the Dust Mite Poop in Your Home!

Dust Mites cover fibers leaving behind allergy-causing droppings
Allergies cause watery, itchy eyes
Allergic reactions to the skin are caused by a number of different environmental allergens
Seasonal Allergies cause sneezing and running nose
Sneezing and Coughing causes droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose and mouth to spread throughout the room

Super Compact, Super Quiet, Super Powerful. Purifies the air much better than the best HEPAs. Purifies over 100 times more pollutants than HEPAs.

  • Rapidly oxidizes odors

  • Uses Ozone Technology to destroy up to 99.9% of air pollutants

  • New, sleek design with day-running light to show effective operation

  • Higher Powered air cleaning on max output

  • USB accessory for portable use 

  • Superior construction for super efficient lifespan

Super Efficient for quick cleaning or extended use

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Save $42 each - only $87 each

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How does the OxiLeaf® Thunderstorm® work?

Ionic technology produces "super oxygen" that purifies your air the same way nature does after a thunderstorm

     The EdenPURE® Oxi­Leaf® II produces ions, which restore the air to a healthy state. Nature produces these ions in large doses during a thunderstorm. That's why the air is energized and smells so fresh after a thunderstorm. This super-oxygen is the way nature purifies the air.

     The EdenPURE® Oxi­Leaf® II uses this same ionic technology found in nature to remove pollutants and to naturally purify the air. It removes all odors including pet odors, cigarette odor, urine odor and cooking odors. It also removes smoke, pollen, dust, pet dander, carbon monoxide, and kills dust mites. It removes virtually all pollutants, organic and inorganic. It relieves allergies and sinus problems caused by air pollution.

     Most air purifiers require the air to be brought to the unit. But the worst air never comes to the unit. The micro-sized EdenPURE® Oxi­Leaf® II produces and sends out super-oxygen molecules that attack all pollutants in every square inch of an area, including behind objects. These super-oxygen molecules act as deadly missiles that destroy up to 99.9% of air pollutants and turn them into harmless vapor and ash. No matter where the pollution is, it cannot hide from these super-oxygen missiles, including surfaces.

     The EdenPURE® Oxi­Leaf® II removes odors better than anything else on the market. It can be used to wipe out odors from gym bags, cars, pet areas, stinky shoes, closets, musty basements, worst cooking odors. It also removes smoke and dust. The EdenPURE® Oxi­Leaf® II will totally restore the air in a musty basement, attic, bathroom or kitchen. It will also totally remove odors and restore the air in automobiles and RVs, and it's perfect for travel. It's made with proven micro-electronic technology, so it fits in the palm of your hand.

      A good HEPA room air purifier averages $400 in cost, and the best rated Whole House HEPA and static air purifiers can cost over $1,500.00.

      In comparison, you can put an EdenPURE® Oxi­Leaf® II in every room of your house for less than the cost of just one Whole House HEPA air purifier. Plus, HEPA air purifiers require constant replacement of expensive filters and static air purifiers need cleaned constantly. But the EdenPURE® Oxi­Leaf® II has no filters to replace and nothing to clean.

      You simply plug it into an electrical outlet and forget about it!

Let's get a little scientific!

     The Oxileaf® Thunderstorm® produces super-oxygen molecules, or ozone.  Ozone is considered an unstable molecule.  Oxygen is O2. Ozone is O3.  You see, the difference is 1 oxygen atom.  This 1 oxygen atom wants to be connected to another atom therefore it goes out and "attacks" other unstable molecules.  This includes things like bacteria, viruses and germs.  It also includes air particles like odors, smells, smoke, allergens, pollen, chemicals, dander, etc.

     When this powerful oxygen atom attacks or connects with any of these other molecules, their structure changes thereby cleaning, breaking-down or "killing" them.

     The EdenPURE® Thunderstorm® comes with a control dial to increase or decrease the super-oxygen output.  Have a dirty room, turn it up.  Have a clean room, turn it down or off until it is needed.  Too much super-oxygen can leave a smell - this is an indication that your unit needs dialed back.

  • To help illustrate how atoms work to combine and change molecular structure, the light blue circles represent super-oxygen and the dark circles represent air pollution including germs, odors, allergens and more.
  • You will see that the super-oxygen molecules (light blue) are changing the structure of the pollutants (dark) thereby cleaning the air.

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Regular $387.00

Save $42 each - only $87 each

Regular $258.00

Save $32 each - only $97 each

Did you know? Many air purifiers don't kill the MOST DANGEROUS pollutants in your home.

     New studies have found that spring and summer indoor air pollution is the worst of the year. This is mostly due to the fact that air conditioners create condensation in ductwork. This damp environment breeds bacteria, viruses and mold continuously. All this can cause serious illness and even death, especially black mold which puts deadly spores into the air we breathe. Mold also contributes to allergies and asthma.

     Many air purifiers such as HEPA filters and static air purifiers do not affect or remove these dangerous pollutants. A new, high-tech air purifier, the EdenPURE® OxiLeaf® II, does remove these dangerous pollutants through oxidation in the air and on surfaces. It also removes other pollutants that aren't removed by old-style filtration type air purifiers.

     The best HEPA filters vary in size from tabletop units weighing 5 to 10 lbs. to top rated HEPA weighing 30 to 40 lbs. and have a noise level of up to 80 decibels, which is about that of a leaf blower. The new high-tech EdenPURE® OxiLeaf® II Thunderstorm® fits in the palm of your hand and runs almost silent. It purifies the air much better than all of those outdated purifiers.

Where should I use the OxiLeaf Thunderstorm?

Uses Ozone to Oxidize

Through the oxidative power, OxiLeaf II helps reduce the chemical byproducts like VOCs and glues that go hand-in-hand with remodeling work like painting, new cabinetry, new flooring and much more.

Refreshes Bedroom

Pull the sheets back to expose the bare mattress. Put an OxiLeaf II under a tent made of a sheet over pillows. The effect can be dramatic! Sanitize as often as you want to remove odors from your room.

Sanitizes Bathrooms

Bathrooms tend to get musty and potentially even moldy due to moist conditions. Run OxiLeaf II full-time to keep your bathroom fresh and to control mold and bacteria.

Prevents Mold Growth

Place an OxiLeaf II in the center of your basement. In large basements with stagnant air, add a fan. Once the mold smell is gone, run an OxiLeaf II to prevent future mold growth.

Goes Where You Do

Traveling? Bring OxiLeaf II with you to ensure a clean-smelling hotel room, free of smoke and other odors. And don't forget to leave an OxiLeaf II running at home while you're gone so you can come back to a fresh, revitalized home.

Freshens & Renews

Hang unwrapped clothing in closet or small room. Treat with the full power of OxiLeaf II. Set OxiLeaf II inside your closet (extension cord may be required) to get rid of bacteria and odors.

Eliminates Nasty Odors

Reduce or eliminate unwanted pet smells with OxiLeaf II. To treat a carpet accident, build a tent with a towel or box and run OxiLeaf II underneath. To control cat box odors, plug in an OxiLeaf II nearby to sanitize and freshen the area.

Protects Your Home

Place an OxiLeaf II directly in front of your return air intake. Set fan to ON for 12 hours or longer. If you leave for a weekend, do this while you are away. Think of this as a quick and easy home ventilation system.

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Regular $387.00

Save $42 each - only $87 each

Regular $258.00

Save $32 each - only $97 each