Answers to the Most Asked Questions provided here by the EdenPURE® OxiLeaf® II Thunderstorm Inventor.

Q: How does the EdenPURE OxiLeaf II Thunderstorm Super Air Purifier clean and purify the air?

A: The EdenPURE OxiLeaf II Thunderstorm Super Air Purifier cleans and purifies the air like nature’s thunderstorm.

Q: How does nature’s thunderstorm clean and purify the air?

A: Nature cleans and purifies the air with super oxygen and negative ions. Super oxygen is O3 to O5. Negative ions are various atoms and molecules with a negative charge.

The Sun produces super oxygen and negative ions with ultra violet light. Thunderstorms produce many more times the volume of super oxygen and negative ions than the Sun. It is done through lightning and various chemicals produced through the powerful updrafts and rapid water movement. Thunderstorms are nature’s super air cleaner and purifier.

When super oxygen contacts an air pollutant, it oxidizes it and turns it into CO2, water vapor and ash. When a negative ion contacts air pollution, the negative charge destroys the pollutant and separates it into harmless other molecules.

Q: Is the EdenPURE Thunderstorm the first air purifier to use super oxygen and negative ions to purify the air?

A: No. Super oxygen is scientifically well established as a powerful sanitizer. Super oxygen generators have been used by hospitals for many years to purify operating rooms and instruments. Many other institutions including the food industry and water purification industry have also used super oxygen generators to sanitize the air, water, food and surfaces. These super oxygen generators were very large and very expensive.

EdenPURE was able to greatly reduce the size and cost of these super oxygen generators and produce a much more powerful super oxygen generator.

Q: How was EdenPURE able to produce a more powerful super oxygen generator from such a small unit?

A: EdenPURE used NASA space station micro-technology to produce a much more powerful, small, compact super oxygen and negative ion generator. This is the same micro-technology that is used to make smart phones. Micro-technology makes small devices that are much more powerful than big devices.

Today, bigger is not better. Expensive is not better. Only 30 years ago, mainframe computers were large, took up a big room and cost millions of dollars. With NASA space station micro-technology, the iPhone has over 100 times the computing power of those big mainframe computers, but you can hold it in your hand and it only costs about $600.

The old, dinosaur, filter-type air purifiers, such as the top-rated HEPA air purifiers, are also very large and expensive. But the small, compact Thunderstorm fits in the palm of your hand and destroys over 100 times more air pollutants than these old purifiers that are over 20 times its size. The Thunderstorm only costs a small fraction of the big HEPA and other old filter air purifiers. And the Thunderstorm destroys deadly pollution that these filter-type air purifiers cannot.

Q: How is the EdenPURE OxiLeaf II Thunderstorm Super Air Purifier able to purify the air 100 times better than these old air purifiers over 20 times its size?

A: Nature’s most powerful air purifier, the thunderstorm, does not bring pollution in through a filter like these big HEPA air purifiers. A thunderstorm saturates the air with super oxygen and negative ions. The pollution can’t hide.

Likewise, the EdenPURE Thunderstorm saturates the air with super oxygen and negative ions. They are guided missiles that destroy pollutants upon contact. The Thunderstorm purifies all the air in the room. It also destroys pollution on surfaces and deep into surfaces.

The Thunderstorm’s high-tech air purification destroys the worst air pollution in homes that the big HEPA air purifiers do not.

Q: What is the worst air pollution in homes that the Thunderstorm destroys? 

A. The Thunderstorm destroys viruses, bacteria and germs. But in most cases this is not the worst air pollution in a home. The worst air pollution that can cause serious health problems, and even death, comes from: 

1) ammonia and benzopyrene from cleaning supplies and tobacco smoke; 

2) benzene and chloroform, which are found in paint, new carpet, drapes and upholstery; 

3) formaldehyde in plywood and particle wood products, cabinets, counters, furniture, wallpaper, paint, new carpet, drapes and upholstery;

4) hydrocarbons from gas burners, furnaces and tobacco smoke. 

5) the worst of the worst is mold.

Mold is created in a home through excessive moisture. It is mostly created by air conditioning condensation. This condensation creates mold in your ductwork. Many types of mold cause serious health problems, especially black mold, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s and cancer. These mold spores are then spewed into rooms and get embedded in porous materials such as plasterboard, furniture fabric and carpeting.

Mold is much more toxic and deadly than the Covid-19 virus.

Many people die from these worst air pollutants, but they and their doctors many times do not know that these worst air pollutants were the cause.The EdenPURE Thunderstorm destroys mold in the ductwork and deep in walls, fabrics and carpeting.

Musty basements smell that way also because of mold. The Thunderstorm will turn a musty basement into a fresh-smelling, usable area.Air conditioning condensation also provides a breeding ground and a preservation haven for viruses, bacteria and germs. These pathogens also get spewed into a room and get embedded in furniture, walls and carpeting. The Thunderstorm destroys these viruses, bacteria and germs in your ductwork and in your walls, furniture and carpeting, and in the air.

Q: What other types of air pollution does the EdenPURE Thunderstorm destroy? 

A. The EdenPURE Thunderstorm destroys 99.9% of all air pollution, including organic and inorganic. And it totally destroys all odors where other methods cannot.

Q: How does the EdenPURE Thunderstorm destroy odors where other methods cannot?

A. Odors from pets, cigarettes, urine, cooking and from many other sources also get embedded in porous plasterboard, furniture fabric and carpeting. This is why surface cleaners will not get rid of odors. The Thunderstorm super oxygen and negative ions are very small and can penetrate deep into walls, furniture and carpeting to destroy odors.

Veterinarians who could never get rid of animal odors before are now using the Thunderstorm to eliminate odors.

Real estate agents are using the Thunderstorm to eliminate stubborn, lingering odors that were not removable before from houses up for sale.

My personal trainer, Frank Campitelli, had 3 dogs that he let sleep in a spare bedroom. He said that the odor was getting so bad that he gagged when he walked in the room. He said he had tried everything – Lysol®, bleach and odor cover-ups – and nothing worked. I have a number of Thunderstorms all over my house, so I gave him one of them on Monday and told him, “This will get rid of the odors.” We work out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He texted me Tuesday, “Wow! This really works!” When he came in Wednesday, he was beaming and said that he put the Thunderstorm in the dogs’ bedroom Monday night and when he woke up Tuesday morning all the odors were completely gone. He said, “Not only that, it made the air in the room smell fresh like after a heavy rain.” (I think he meant after a thunderstorm.) He said he would have never believed it if he hadn’t experienced it.

The negative ions produced by the EdenPURE Thunderstorm also destroy odors and, in addition, they create fresh-smelling air just like after a thunderstorm. And, negative ions create many health benefits.

Q. Can you substantiate that the EdenPURE Thunderstorm destroys over 100 times more pollutants than a large HEPA air purifier that costs over $700?

A. Yes. There are hundreds of different types of air pollution. A room without any type of air purifier will have millions of individual air pollutants suspended in the air and also have millions of individual air pollutants that have gone deep into porous materials such as plasterboard, furniture fabric and carpeting.

The EdenPURE Thunderstorm destroys 99.9% of these individual air pollutants, both in the air and those embedded in porous surfaces.

A HEPA air purifier, no matter what its size or costs, does not destroy any air pollutants. It traps air pollutants. And it only traps some air pollutants. Very small air pollutants, such as some viruses, are too small for the filters in HEPA air purifiers to trap. Also, these HEPA air purifiers are not efficient enough to bring all of the pollutants that are in the air through the filter. In addition, as the larger pollutants build up in the filter, the filter becomes clogged and the air purifier becomes much less efficient. And the HEPA air purifier cannot trap any of the pollutants that are embedded in surfaces.

When you change the filters in the HEPA air purifiers, the germs, bacteria and viruses that are trapped are still alive and can infect you. Also, if you bump or drop the dirty filter, it will spew pollution back into the air.

Therefore, the statement that the EdenPURE Thunderstorm destroys over 100 times more air pollution than large HEPA air purifiers that cost over $700 and are 20 times its size is not only accurate, it is well understated.

Q: How do the negative ions generated by the EdenPURE Thunderstorm, provide health benefits.

A. Scientific medical studies have shown that negative ions are “vitamins for the brain”. They produce better brain function, which includes better alertness and energy. Negative ions also provide much better sleep. Negative ions cannot be produced indoors. As soon as you close your windows and doors, the negative ions in your home start to greatly deplete. This is why people find they sleep better with an open window. The EdenPURE Thunderstorm will provide you with the negative ions of an open window. 

Q: Can you use the Thunderstorm in your car or truck?

A. Yes. The Thunderstorm comes with a USB cable so that you can use it in your car or truck. The Thunderstorm will protect you from exhaust fumes linked to lung cancer. It will also help keep you from falling asleep at the wheel.

Q: How much does the EdenPURE OxiLeaf II Thunderstorm air purifier cost compared to the big HEPA air purifiers?

A. The far inferior, large, top-rated HEPA air purifiers cost over $700.00 to over $1,200.00. They make the noise of a leaf blower. Also, you have to change the filters often, which costs hundreds of dollars. HEPA air purifiers do not destroy viruses, bacteria, germs or odors. The superior, small, compact, powerful Thunderstorm destroys viruses, bacteria, germs and 99% of all air pollution in the air, on surfaces and deep under the surface, and all odors. It destroys over 100 more pollutants and odors than the $700 to over $1,200.00 big HEPA air purifiers. Yet it fits in your hand and you simply plug it into a wall socket. You can also use it in your car or truck with the provided cigarette lighter adapter. It runs almost silent and there are no filters to replace. You simply plug it in, turn it on and forget it. The EdenPURE OxiLeaf II Thunderstorm Air Purifier only costs $129, which means you can have one in every room in the house for less than the price you would pay for one inferior HEPA air purifier.     

Q. What kind of feedback do you get from your Thunderstorm customers?

A. Here is a small sample of testimonials from our many satisfied customers:   

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