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EdenPURE® Natural Laundry Detergent Concentrate

EdenPURE® Natural Laundry Detergent Concentrate

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Our Promise

EdenPURE® guarantees your satisfication with all of our flagship products and is backed by our 30-day No-Questions-Asked Return Guarantee.

Trusted since 2005, EdenPURE promises competitive prices, unparalleled service, and integrity throughout your journey.

New research has found that your household cleaning products can make you very sick.  This new research has found that there are 20 harmful toxins in your home cleaning products that can be causing serious health problems for you.

These 20 toxins get into your body in many ways.  When you are using them, they get into the air so you and your family breathe in the toxic fumes.  As you are cleaning with them, they get into your body through your skin.  They also get into your body through your skin when you touch the surfaces that you’ve cleaned with them and they get into your bloodstream through your skin when you wear your clothes.

The popular brand cleaning products use synthetic ingredients that are cheap to produce.  It is much more expensive to get natural cleaning ingredients.  Synthetic ingredients make bigger profits for the household cleaning product companies, but they are unsafe to use.

Natural-derived cleaning products are totally safe to use and they clean much better than synthetic cleaning products.  EdenPURE® produces the highest quality natural-derived cleaning products that are super safe and super powerful.

The 20 harmful toxins in popular brand cleaning products are: 1.) Parabens, 2.) Triclosan, 3.) Phosphates, 4.) Phthalates, 5.) Formaldehyde, 6.) Perchloroethylene a.k.a. “PERC”, 7.) Ammonia, 8.) Dioxane, 9.) Sodium hypochlorite a.k.a. bleach, 10.) Chlorine, 11.) Quaternary Ammonium Compounds [“QUATS”], 12.) Methylisothiazolinone, 13.) Polyacrylates, 14.) Optical brighteners, 15.) Nonylphenol Ethoxylates [Nonoxynol, NPEs], 16.) Alkyl phenol ethoxylates [APEs], 17.) Benzyl Acetate, 18.) Benzisothiazolinone, 19.) DEA, MEA and TEA (diethanolamine, monoethanolamine and triethanolamine), 20.) Glycol ether.

The sources of these harmful toxins are laundry and dishwashing detergents, and many household cleaning products such as oven cleaners, window cleaners, bathroom cleaners and all-purpose cleaners.

Constant exposure to these 20 toxins in the popular cleaning products can stress your immune system, damage your tissues, and has been linked to autoimmune disease, asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity.

The popular brand cleaning products are not only unsafe, but they contain mostly water and useless fillers to make them look larger in the supermarket.  EdenPURE cleaning products are concentrated and have no useless fillers.

EdenPURE Laundry Detergent. It comes in concentrated form. One capful, which is 1/3 oz., will do an average load of laundry.  You can use 2 capfuls for heavily soiled laundry.  In the kit you get a 16 oz. bottle, which will do 48 laundry loads, which is more than an average family does in a 6 week period. Customers rave about EdenPURE Laundry Detergent because not only does it clean their clothes better, but it also has a natural-derived fragrance that makes your clothes smell great. They also say their clothes are softer and brighter. You can also use this as a carpet cleaner. Add 1 capful to a ½ gallon of water.

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