Large EdenPURE Heater Dust Jacket -

Large EdenPURE Heater Dust Jacket

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Keep your Infrared Heater clean with our EdenPURE Dust Jackets. Customized to fit perfectly over your EdenPURE Portable Heater for year round protection.

Now you can keep your EdenPURE heater clean when not in use with our EdenPURE® Dust Jackets. Manufactured from easy-to-clean Polyester with a PVC backing your dust jacket is custom designed to protect your EdenPURE heaters during the warmer months or when not in use. 

  • Keep your investment safe and clean
  • $30 off regular price
  • Designer black
  • Handy pocket for remote control
Compatible Models
  • EdenPURE GEN4 – Model #A4643, #A4643/RTL 
  • EdenPURE USA1000 - Model #A4188, #A4188/RTL, #A4188TT 
  • EdenPURE Elite – Model #A5363/NWF, #A5363/SPI 
  • EdenPURE Premiere – Model #A5076, #A5076/SPI 
  • EdenPURE TrustedCOMFORT – Model #A5093, #A5093/R, #A5551
  • EdenPURE CopperSMART
  • EdenPURE CopperPLUS

Fits heaters up to 19"L x 13"W x 15"H

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