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The Writer's Glove® - Thin, Warm Gloves for Typing

The Writer's Glove® - Thin, Warm Gloves for Typing

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The Best Typing Gloves For Cold Hands & Fingers!

The Writer's Glove® is designed to keep your cold hands and fingers warm while you type on computer keyboards.

Using years of customer feedback from the previous edition, this new-and-improved version features:

  • Patent-pending fingertips to help you "feel" the keys as you type—no seams getting in the way!
  • Touchscreen capabilities on all five fingers
  • A new glove fabric for extra warmth and breathability
  • Double thickness on the back of the glove for even more warmth without sacrificing productivity
  • Great performance on laptop trackpads —including MacBooks!

These thin, yet warm, gloves fit like a second skin, allowing you to stay productive at home, the office, or wherever you need to get work done.

They're great for:

  • Office workers
  • Writers/editors
  • Students
  • Scientists
  • IT workers
  • Gamers
  • Photographers
  • Anyone with cold hands!

Although this product doesn't treat these conditions, people with Raynaud's Syndrome, chronic hyperhidrosis, dermatillomania, and trichotillomania have said they find these gloves useful, too.

More Information

The Writer's Glove, LLC, is a USA company. Made in the PRC. Gloves made from 86% nylon and 14% Spandex. Gloves contain copper. Designed for indoor use. Vegan.

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