Are Infrared Heaters Worth The Price?

Are Infrared Heaters Worth The Price?

You’ve been considering purchasing an infrared heater but you want to be sure it’s a good investment. This is understandable since you should always know all you can about an appliance before you decide to put it in your home. 

The short answer to whether infrared heaters are worth the price is yes. So lets take a look at what makes them a smart investment for any home.



You Get What You Pay For 

While you may be concerned about spending the money for an infrared heater, rest assured, this is a scenario where you get what you pay for. It is understandable to think about saving yourself some money and going for a cheaper heater but spending a little more upfront will benefit you in in the long run.

Saves You Money 

One of the main reasons people make the switch to infrared heaters is their ability to drastically lower energy bills. But how do they lower your energy bill? This is done through a process known as zone heating. In short, you use infrared heaters to heat high-traffic areas in your home while keeping the rest of the house at a cooler temperature. You can learn more about zone heating here.

Does Not Draw Moisture Out of the Air

The cooler winter months already bring dry air with them, so why would you put a heater in your home that will make it even worse? Unlike other types of heaters, infrared will not dry out the air in your home. Why is this worth the cost? Dry air can cause many unwanted side effects such as a dry throat and nose or itchy eyes. With this in mind it’s a no brainer to spend a little extra money to ensure you remain comfortable in your own home.

Infrared Heaters Are Safe

Infrared heaters usually have several build in safety features to protect you and your home. One of the main differences between infrared and conventional heaters is that the core temperature of a conventional heater can reach high levels, increasing the risk of starting a fire. Whereas an infrared heaters core temperature stays much lower. You can find a more comprehensive list of safety features here.



There are countless reasons that make infrared heaters worth every penny. From all of the features they offer to the money you will save every month on your energy bill. In a way, buying an infrared heater is like an investment. You spend money upfront in order to garner savings year by year. So don’t hastily pick a cheap space heating option, we encourage you to do your research and you too will see just how worth it they are.


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