Copper PTC Infrared Heating Element creates frenzy with large savings on heating bills

Why turn up your thermostat when you can save money with an EdenPURE® CopperPLUS Infrared Heater?

Breakthrough heating technology gives you MORE heat with less electricity

"Our EdenPURE 'box' Heaters have been a sell-out staple for a long time.  This coming Heater Season will be no exception. With all of the supply shortages everyone's experiencing, we want our best customers to get first chance to own a new CopperPLUS Infrared Heater NOW before putting it out there to everyone." 

- EdenPURE Online Customer Care Manager

We all don't care to admit it, but Mother Nature always reminds us that bitterly cold days will happen and seem to be happening more intensely. The last few years have had extremely sporadic weather.  These unpredictable patterns mean we all need to be prepared for the harshest of weather events. So, across the country people are always preparing for brutal cold. This, along with rising energy bills, has led to a sell-out of nearly every shipment of EdenPURE® heaters this year.

An EdenPURE® breakthrough in heating technology increases heating efficiency and produces a more even heat which is guaranteed to save you more money on your home heating bills than ever before.  If you already own one of our renowned CopperPLUS Infrared Heaters, you can attest to their greatness!

Copper PTC Infrared Heating Element increases heating efficiency and produces a more even heat

EdenPURE® engineers have created the efficient Copper PTC Heating element for top notch effectiveness. This increases heating efficiency which gives you MORE heat with less electricity, saving you money in the long run compared to other heaters.

By using a Solid Copper heat sink versus an aluminum one, it increases thermal conductivity by 39.09%. This dramatic difference is another reason the EdenPURE® CopperPLUS Infrared Heater is able to supplement your furnace usage in the winter and start putting money back in your pocket.

The Copper PTC Heating element also eliminates hot spots in your home caused by inferior, cheap imitation heaters. Also heats every square inch of the room evenly and without reducing the humidity and oxygen. No more cold spots in a room, just wall to wall, ceiling to floor warmth.

Our Customers ABSOLUTELY LOVE their EdenPURE® CopperPLUS Infrared Heater

Cannot Start a Fire
Safe Around Children & Pets

The EdenPURE® CopperPLUS Infrared Heater has ALL the safety features that have become standard on EdenPURE® heaters. The EdenPURE® CopperPLUS has safety tip over switches so if a pet or child knocks over the CopperPLUS, it will immediately turn off so it can't start a fire.

Another safety feature to protect you and your family is the overheat protection. Say something blocks the heat flow, the CopperPLUS will turn off preventing a fire.

And the Copper PTC Heating element is guaranteed to last you many winters as they have a long lifespan of over 80,000 heating hours!

And since these models contain the Copper PTC Heating element which guarantees you an additional savings on your heating bills, it is predicted to sell out at an even faster rate!

Guaranteed to Save Money on Heating Bills with EdenPURE®

By using the EdenPURE® Classic CopperPLUS™ to Zone Heat your home, you will see HUGE savings on your heating bills and stay warm.

You see, you can keep your home thermostat low to save money and use your EdenPURE® to just heat the rooms you are in! Check out the picture to the right to see how.

On the left you have a house with the home heat set at 60 degrees but 2 EdenPURE® heaters, one in the family room and one in the bedroom. Those rooms are a toasty warm 76 degrees! You are only heating the rooms you are in so you SAVE money by keeping your home thermostat low.

In the room to the right there is NO EdenPURE®. So to save money by setting the thermostat to 60° you would practically FREEZE all winter long in EVERY room of your home. 

Guaranteed SAFE Around Children and Pets

Multiple EdenPURE® Safety Technologies Means it Cannot Start a Fire or Burn You

With multiple EdenPURE® Safety Technologies you don’t have to worry about kids or pets getting burned by the EdenPURE® Classic CopperPLUS™. 

You see, if your heater accidentally gets tipped over or something blocks the air flow, it automatically senses this and shuts off to prevent a fire, leaving you and your family safe from harm. 

Try the EdenPURE® CopperPLUS Infrared Heater Risk FREE for 30 Days

The EdenPURE® Classic CopperPLUS is an updated and improved model of our original EdenPURE heater, the GEN3. Packed full of copper, the Classic CopperPLUS has more features and heats quicker and more efficiently, up to 1000 square feet.

The EdenPURE® CopperPLUS Infrared Heater carries a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. It also comes with the FULL 1-year Warranty against any defects.

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Never Be Cold Again®