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EdenPURE® 360 Air Fan Heater/Cooler - Refurbished

EdenPURE® 360 Air Fan Heater/Cooler - Refurbished

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Per our No-Risk Trial, from time to time, we receive EdenPURE® items returned by customers for a variety of reasons. These units have been inspected, tested, and are fully operational. Many times it looks like they have never been taken out of the box!  And the best news, there is great savings for you!

The EdenPURE® 360 Air Fan Model 100 Heater/Cooler uses 360 Degree circulation technology to move air at an astonishing 32.8 feet of airflow distance. That means it rapidly circulates the air in an entire room in just minutes and creates a constant comfort sensation without the need for expensive heating and cooling bills.

  • Heats AND Cools 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Reduces Heating & Cooling Bills
  • No Heating Bulbs to Burn Out
  • Uses Copper PTC Heating Element
  • Inspired by Jet Engine Technology
  • High Volume Air Circulation Fan
  • Safe Around Children & Pets
  • Safety Tip-Over Switch
  • Overheat Shut-Off Protection
  • Very Quiet on MAX Setting

The advanced EdenPURE® 360 Air Fan Heater/Cooler is a revolutionary bladeless fan that promises to save you money with whole room circulation. It uses 360º air circulation technology to generate powerful jet-like airflow. This circulates all the air in your room for maximum heating OR cooling efficiency. It’s so powerful at circulating the air that you can feel a comfortable breeze from wherever you are sitting without the EdenPURE® 360 Air Fan blowing directly on you.

  • 360° air circulation 
  • Bladeless technology means it’s safe around children and pets 
  • Optional Oscillation Settings 
  • 98% more energy efficient than air conditioning 
  • Whisper quiet operation 
  • Will increase the efficiency of an existing central air unit 
  • EdenFLOW® Direct Air Technology 
  • No setup or assembly required 
  • Moves air quickly to cool down a room in minutes 
  • Extra long 6 foot cord 
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Dimensions: 13" H x 9” D x 9” W 
  • Low Power Heating: 900 watts / High Power Heating: 1,500 watts
  • 10 Fan Levels
  • Temperature Settings from 40 to 90 degrees
  • 120V
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Air flow distance: up to 33 feet
  • Remote Control
  • Cord: 6 feet
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